Friday, September 7, 2018

The John Sally Ride- A New Set Of Downs -On Sale Now

Last year, I was part of an amazing project called The John Sally Ride, which featured the brilliant songs of John Dunbar, who also handles lead vocals, guitars and keyboards, the bass playing of the one and only Sal Maida, who has played with everyone from Roxy Music and Sparks to Milk N Cookies and Cracker, and yours truly on drums and vocals. Our debut "A New Set Of Downs" got some terrific reviews and was voted one of the best of the year by Goldmine Magazine and Popdose, and called one of the Ten Best of 2017 by Michael Giltz of The Huffington Post and Popsurfing.

Today, a very limited run on 180g vinyl has been released and it is for sale by clicking the picture on the top left. We could not be happier with the mastering on the LP and I think you'll feel the same.

We finish up recording our new record, "Nothing Doing" today, before it begins the mixing stage for a late fall release. Get reacquainted with The John Sally Ride. "A New Set Of Downs" on very limited 180g vinyl, on sale now.

Clicking the pic will take you directly to PayPal. It is $20.00, postage paid. Please add your shipping info to the comments section on PayPal.
Thanks for letting me do this.

And thank you for buying some records.



Well done Sal -- I look forward to hearing the new one.

You know I can't go back to vinyl :-) and I'm still trying to figure out how that dog got into those pyjamas!

Have a great weekend.

cmealha said...

It's about time. Hope the next one doesn't take as long. Congrats and looking forward to hearing the old stuff on vinyl and highly anticipating the new stuff.

steve simels said...

I absolutely loved the last record.

And am looking forward to raving about the new one.

Way to go, pal.

Michael Giltz said...

Thrilled to hear the recording of the new album is proceeding apace! Congrats on the vinyl release.

kevin m said...

The first JSR album was a blast. Eagerly looking for to #2!