Saturday, September 15, 2018

The Lemon Twigs Go To School, Part One.

Earlier this summer, I had a perfect Saturday planned, which included record shopping in Asbury Park, a walk along the boardwalk, a few beers at the beach bar, lunch, and just enjoying the ocean, music and conversation with friends. My friend found a parking space right in front of the record store, not an easy task on Cookman Avenue during the summer. I opened the car door, and as I leaned over to get out, my iPhone fell out of my pocket and into a sewer. I was frozen stiff. I became Tommy. I couldn't hear, see or speak. I wanted my phone back, sure. But the feeling of an entire day of perfection starting off and possibly ending this way was too overwhelming for me to think straight. My friend suggested calling 911. I knew this wasn't an emergency, but I couldn't respond one way or the other. I tried lifting the sewer grate like a grandmother lifting a Volkswagen to save her grandchild. It didn't work. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and reached into the sewer and felt the phone, all the time thinking, one wrong move and I am shoving this thing further into the underground. Steadily, I grabbed it, and slowly pulled my arm out, phone in hand, miraculously not getting my arm stuck like an episode of "I Love Lucy." A few minutes later, after washing up in the record shop bathroom, I had an armful of great records to purchase and the day ended up being as pleasant as originally planned.

And that is my review of the new Lemon Twigs album, "Go To School" after one pass.

The Lemon Twigs Go To School, Part Two- COMING SOON.


Shriner said...

Hahaha! Part Two can't top this!

kevin m said...

For a second there, I thought you were going to give this a rave review. Instead, it was much more entertaining that anything I've heard from the Twigs!

Sal Nunziato said...

The rave is coming. Read Part One again.

M_Sharp said...

Very clever review! I played it straight through twice at work and couldn't pay a lot of attention to the lyrics, but when I did I really liked what I heard. Musically, it's a stand out. I need less distraction for the next listen.