Thursday, October 25, 2018

C'mon Christine, Play The B-Side

A month or so ago, my favorite new punks, Wyldlife, released a new single "C'mon Christine" on Little Steven's Wicked Cool label. I dug it. But yesterday, after filing about one hundred 45s, one of which was the Wyldlife single, I realized I hadn't played the b-side. So I did, finally. And I LOVED it.

"These Days" is the best Tommy Stinson song in years. Check it out and then go buy it.


Anonymous said...

Great song - you're sure right about the Tommy Stinson reference.

BTW - You may or may not know that you're quoted in a Danny Wilkerson advert in the latest issue of Goldmine.


buzzbabyjesus said...

I hear a little "Maggie Mae" in there too. Good to know someone is still trying to jangle.
I like it.

Ken D said...

Well that's certainly a wake-up for us old farts.

Had you posted the A-side? If, not, will you? And any album recommendation for these guys?

Sal Nunziato said...

here are a few of my faves--

and the A-side

and even a great Christmas single-

Ken D said...

Thanks, Mr. N. Fun sounds!

Stinky said...

Thanks! Great song--terrible cover art! - Stinky

Stinky said...

I just watched this live performance, & the lead singer has the biggest mouth since Steven Tyler!

El Stinkeroo

M_Sharp said...

Excellent song! I'm buyin' it!