Friday, October 26, 2018

Elvis Costello- The Forgotten Years: THE WEEKEND MIX

Maybe you saw this coming and maybe you didn't. Either way, here it is, edited down from 32 choices. I originally had 6 tracks from "When I Was Cruel" and thought that was a few too many to foist on you.

Dig in.

This is Elvis: The Forgotten Years.


No Hiding Place
Big Boys Cry
Nearer To You
Refuse To Be Saved
Tear Off Your Own Head
My Three Sons
I Hope
American Gangster Time
Country Darkness
Song With Rose
My Little Blue Window
The Greatest Love
Hidden Shame
April 5th
Sugar Won't Work
Complicated Shadows
The Scarlet Tide



Bombshelter Slim said...

C'mon, Sal, lay the other 12 on us!


I don't know if I saw this mix coming but I have been listening to a bunch of Elvis of late.

Looks like a great mix Sal -- Thanks!

Christine said...

Okay, you have finally made me an Elvis Costello fan. "April 5th" is one the greatest things I've heard lately. Now, I have to listen to all of his stuff. GREAT! I don't have time for this!

A walk in the woods said...

I really enjoy mixes like this, that aim to recover a period of an artist's work I'm not familiar with.

Anonymous said...

I feel so much of Elvis's recordings from those albums is so strong you could take twenty different songs to create a second (or even third mix) that would be equally as strong. Great set.

Captain Al

A walk in the woods said...

Holy shite, how did I miss "Refuse To Be Saved" when it came out? I mean... I have that Roots album, and love it, but somehow had absolutely missed this gem.

Now it's my new favorite song! Thanks for recovering it from the dustbin of memory.

Michael Giltz said...


Dr Wu said...

Thank you for this, Sal!

Stinky said...

Many thanks, Sal! - Stinky

P.S. I'm enjoying The John Sally Ride's single! :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for resurfacing these, Sal. Definitely some overlooked gems. Even a great one from "North"!

tinpot said...

Thank you, Sal. Gawd knows how you find the time and energy to do this, but I'm grateful.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I was a "Nothing after Armed Forces" guy until I walked into NYCD and "Button My Lip", from "Delivery Man" was playing. Bought it, and then over the next few weeks, everything I didn't have. Even "Punch The Clock". A lot to like in the later stuff. Especially some of the bonus material.

Bill said...

Aw gee, Sal--not even one National Ransom song? :)

Great mix!

Sal Nunziato said...

There's two!
Big Boys Cry and I Hope.

Bill said...

Well, technically yes, but...

cmealha said...

I've been cherry picking from Elvis' albums since 'When I Was CrueL' and there's overlap with your listing. The one great cut I seemed to have missed was 'I Hope'.

"Sometime, somewhere
We're gonna meet again, I know
And I won't love you anymore
I hope"


P.S. I'm with Bombshelter Slim. Give us the rest. I may have missed something else.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit! That cover of "American Tune"! How had I not heard that before???!!!! Thanks, Sal!

Bruce H