Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

•I’m thankful for everyone who makes an effort to do good.
•I’m thankful for all those who do not pass judgment.
•I’m thankful for selfless people.
•I’m thankful for anyone in my life who isn't full of shit.
•I'm thankful for John, Paul, George & Ringo
•I'm thankful for Pete, Roger, John and Keith
•I'm thankful for Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Steve Earle.
•I'm thankful for anyone who listens.
•I'm thankful for anyone who finds me the least bit funny.
•I'm thankful for the great people of New Orleans.
•I'm thankful for James Booker.
•I'm thankful for Sheepshead Bay, the clams at Randazzo's, the pizza at Spumoni Gardens
•I'm thankful for all the amazing people who vigilantly look out for me.
•I'm thankful for Casablanca, but really thankful for Peter Lorre in Casablanca.
•I'm thankful for Radio Days and Broadway Danny Rose
•I'm thankful for the brilliant songs of John Dunbar, the amazing bass lines of Sal Maida and the opportunity to sing and play in The John Sally Ride
•I'm thankful for Ruby's Bar & Grill and the Coney Island Boardwalk.
•I'm thankful for everyone who has ever given me a lift. (I'll be hitting some of you up soon.)
•I'm thankful for everyone who has been on the receiving end of my cranky nonsense and endless ranting about anything and everything and still calls me friend.
•I’m thankful for everyone who appreciates what I have to offer, however limited my offerings may be.
•I'm thankful this place still exists
•I'm thankful for all who continue to read and participate

(This list will grow.)

Happy Thanksgiving


sclinchy said...

I’m thankful for Burning Wood and you, Sal.

Also, New Orleans.

vanwoert said...

Happy Thanksgiving Sal.

Zippy said...

I'm thankful for this blog, this forum, for your efforts to keep it up and running here for the rest of us, for the things I learn musically and otherwise from you and from others here, and since I'm lucky enough to count you as a friend in what people used to call "real life", I'm thankful to actually know you, Sal.
I hope you sit happily among friends and/or family who make you feel appreciated exactly as you are today, my friend.

Shriner said...

I am thankful for many things in life -- BW is one of them. Always glad to see it each and every day.

A walk in the woods said...

Great post. I am thankful for BW and all who comment here - and for the music that gets us all talking and listening. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

dogbreath said...

I give thanks every time I visit this fine little blog, still the best one out there. Happy Thanksgiving from Brexit Land. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Thank you , Sal.


kevin m said...

yes, we are thankful for BW and you Sal. You do good work and make many people happy. Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one.

and on a selfish note, when is the new JSR album coming out?

DaveF said...

I am thankful for all the posts you make; whether I agree or not. I'm thankful to be able to read BW everyday.
Happy Thanksgiving

Mr. Baez said...

I am thankful for knowing that Sal's place is a safe harbor in this crazy ol' world.

Troy said...

Terrific list, Sal. Happy Thanksgiving.

Sheldonicus said...

Found your blog today and went back through the past year. What a ride!

I just want to say: Hey man, Thanks!

cmealha said...

Thanks for al the great music

Dayn McBee said...

Happy Thanksgiving Sal. Thanks for all your work on BW!

heartsofstone said...

Great list - and we are thankful for you and BW

Michael Giltz said...

Can I make the same joke I made on Facebook? As ABBA said, "Thank you for the music!" Sal.

M_Sharp said...

Thanks for your blog, and for moderating comments. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. My previous job sent me all around NYC and Long Island. I stopped in at L&B Spumoni Gardens every chance I got. Great every time! It's been a few years since I've been there, it could be a good road trip in the Spring.