Sunday, November 25, 2018

Songs Of The Week, 2018: 11/17-11/23

The Song Remains The Same- Led Zeppelin
From The Corner To The Block- Galactic w/Juvenile & The Soul Rebels
Love Me- Elvis Presley
You Get What You Deserve- Big Star
Alice- Mott The Hoople
Mandolin Wind- Rod Stewart
Going Home- The Idle Race


The first four songs of this week's zip played consecutively on my iPod as it was shuffling my train ride last week. I hope you find the same joy as I did hearing these songs somewhat impossibly sounding so good altogether.

Alice- Mott The Hoople
Ian Hunter has hinted at a Mott The Hoople U.S. tour in 2019. It's a shame it took so long to get the reunion to the States. We have lost both Buffin and Overend Watts, and Mick Ralphs is not doing well. Still, I have never seen them, and I love "The Hoople" which featured Ariel Bender on guitar, aka Luther Grosvenor. They should be playing "Alice" in the set.

Mandolin Wind- Rod Stewart
As my friend Harold stated, "The mandolin and the slide guitar together feels like you are on vacation." Such a great record.

Going Home- The Idle Race
Jeff Lynne's earlier than The Move band does not get enough credit. Listen to those albums.

And "Congratulations!" are in order for our long time friend and supporter, JAYESSEMM. Today, his weekly Six Pack celebrates its 7th anniversary.  He says, "It's all your fault, Sal." Well, so is everything else, what's one more thing?!

Happy Anniversary!



We are not worthy! :-)

dogbreath said...

Zip unzipped. Ears pleasured. Good to hear the Elvis, Mott and Rod the Mod whose "Mandolin Wind" has been a favourite these past 37 years. Many thanks. Cheers!

A walk in the woods said...


Max Maxwell said...

I was fortunate to see Mott the Hoople in Chicago with the New York Dolls opening. A wonderful show all around. Not sure of the year. Lots of Dolls fans in drag and lots of Hoople fans on acid. A real culture cluster muster. Tons of fun. Ian Hunter was in complete control of the show and seemed to be enjoying himself mightily. Hoople played great as a band, really rocking the house.

I'm not one for reunion tours, though.