Sunday, November 18, 2018

Songs Of The Week, 2018: 11/10-11/16

Clean-Up Woman- Betty Wright
She's Always In My Hair- Prince
Don't Let Me Wait Too Long- George Harrison
Silly Thing- Sex Pistols
You Nearly Did Me In - Ian Hunter w/ Queen
Old Town- Phil Lynott
The Other End Of Telescope- 'Til Tuesday


Clean-Up Woman- Betty Wright
I could listen to that guitar intro all day.

She's Always In My Hair- Prince
I think this is my favorite Prince b-side, though "How Come U Don't Call Me" is right behind it. In all my years of record and CD buying, thousands upon thousands going in and out, I can't recall ever buying something I already owned, or not buying something thinking I had it when I didn't, and yet, I bought two copies of the Prince 12" with this track on it in one week. How did that happen?

Don't Let Me Wait Too Long- George Harrison
In the wake of The White Album hype, this pop gem from George came to mind.

Silly Thing- Sex Pistols
Not sure why this one came to mind. Maybe I just wanted to hear it.

You Nearly Did Me In- Ian Hunter w/Queen
In the wake of the "Bo Rhap" hype and my Queen binge-listening, this gem came to mind. From Ian Hunter's second solo record with Queen's signature vocals on the chorus.

Old Town- Phil Lynott
"This boy is cracking up. This boy has broken down." I miss Phil.

The Other End Of The Telescope- 'Til Tuesday
Later found on Elvis C.'s "All This Useless Beauty," here is the original version, with EC helping on vocals.


cmealha said...

I’ll buy the extra Prince 12” if you’d like :-)
It is an awesome recording. Hunter’s collaboration with Queen is also one of my favorite recordings ever and I was always surprised how little known it seems to be.

A walk in the woods said...

Lucky you to have only bought the same thing ONCE! I recently bought two copies of Pink Floyd's "Obscured By Clouds" accidentally... and that was just within the past few weeks.

Sal - have you heard the new archival Prince release, "Piano & Microphone"? Stellar.

dogbreath said...

That's a cracking SOTW zip. Not a duff track in the bag. Hunter, Lynott, the Pistols- could it be any better? Thanks & cheers!

Anonymous said...

The fact that you've bought thousands of CD's and LP's without ever double dipping is just hard for me to believe and extremely impressive!

Pisses the hell out of me every time I do it.


Sal Nunziato said...

It’s because I’m a lunatic, Randy.

Stinky said...

I love Phil Lynott, as well. One of the best. - Stinky

MARIE said...

Hi Sal,
The guitar on "Clean Up Woman" is courtesy of Little Beaver. Here's his "Joey":

Chris Collins said...

love this mix. thanks