Monday, January 7, 2019

Best of 2018, Late Addition: Chris Price

Maybe some of you will recall my raves for "Stop Talking," the amazing 2017 release from Chris Price. Or maybe, some of you might recall my most recent mention of Chris Price, as the producer of the latest Jeffrey Gaines LP, "Alright," which made this past year's Best Of list.  Well, this Chris Price put out a record last year, "Dalmatian." It was a quick follow up to "Stop Talking," with more tracks from the sessions. My initial pass through "Dalmatian" was pleasant enough, but unlike "Stop Talking," I didn't feel a need to rush back for a second or third spin.

Chris announced on Facebook that he was pressing a very limited run of "Dalmatian" on vinyl, and I wanted in. I wanted to show support, and I loved "Stop Talking so much, I expected "Dalmatian" to grow on me. Well kids, it did. The vinyl arrived last week and like "Stop Talking," it has remained on my turntable, getting better and better with each spin.

Leftovers? Remainders? Outtakes? We should all have such leftovers!

Here's a sample, three of my favorites, including the ridiculously infectious "Discount Love" and one of the most beautiful songs in recent memory, "I'll Follow Her Anywhere."

Dig in, and if you're a "vinyl douchebag" like I am...yes, someone did indeed refer to me that way---hurry on up and get your copy of "Dalmatian" right here while supplies last.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up on the vinyl release. I picked up the cd last year but as I am a douchebag as well, I must get the black wax.

Douchebags Unite!!


snakeboy said...

I just became a douche bag and ordered the vinyl.
Remember kids... vinyl sucks!

cmealha said...

Agreed. Another fave is "Breakfast Cruise" because of the stupendous second half of the chorus - "Oh see you smile again...."

Anonymous said... ever talked about this guy. great late 70's album

Shriner said...

Since we are doing this: I have one more for my "Best Of" list that I didn't hear until the past week or so:

Jeff Whalen's "10 More Rock Super Hits". Glam/Bubble-Gum/Power-Pop/catchy, etc... Leapt out the speakers and hasn't left my rotation since.

Todd said...

Thanks for mentioning this! I loved Tsar and didn't know about this!