Saturday, January 5, 2019

Songs Of The Week, 2019: 12/29-1/4

Don't Do It - The Band
Living In The Past- Billie Davis
Daddy's Gonna Tell You No Lie- The Cosmic Rays
That's Life- Aretha Franklin
I Surrender Dear- Louis Armstrong
Losing You- Alison Krauss
The Dock Of The Bay- Otis Redding



Troy said...

I could listen to Don't Do It every day and twice on Sundays. Have a good weekend, Sal.


A fine collection Sal -- Thanks!

Whenever I play / listen to Alison Krauss ...!

A walk in the woods said...

Looking forward to this as always... I have a great stretch of Burning Wood Weekend Mixes and/or, later, Songs Of The Week, dating back to early 2011... so we are now starting Year NINE (for me) of getting to hear your great mixes and song choices.

I don't take that type of good stuff for granted, and appreciate each one - thanks for the continuing music, Sal! (and your occasional cohorts too like BBJ and others)

dogbreath said...

Having never heard it before, the Tull cover intrigued me & it's pretty good. Plus with Aretha, Louis & Otis in the mix - Blimey! - how could this SOTW stay zipped. Excellent. Cheers!