Thursday, January 17, 2019

"His Christmas Album Is Good."

Sometimes, Facebook users just don't get me. A friend asked, "Which musician would you most like to see come back to life?" I suggested Eric Clapton, to which someone commented, "He is still alive." I then suggested listening to "Old Sock," to which someone else said, "His Christmas album is good."

Oh, heavy sigh.

Then, a real friend got into the act and asked, "Was Clapton ever REALLY alive?" I said, "Yes. 1965-1970, and then again in 2005 for one solo." That solo is up top and it never ceases to both amaze and bring me to tears.


Robin said...

For what it's worth at least to my way of thinking, "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs" is the most alive anyone ever had the right to be, so I don't know how anyone could ever ask 'was he ever alive?'. I do agree though, he's the one artist I wish would catch real fire again, just once even. I've found FB isn't the best place to discuss music, except possibly on dedicated fan pages, but I tend to fare better on 'music' Twitter. Clapton always had a quietness about him, a slow roll so to speak but when he got really inspired back in the day he could be magical.

PS I thought the Christmas album was good but I know it doesn't count in the sense you mean, but I'm a holiday music-aholic so I could be just biased. ;)

Sal Nunziato said...

To put it in better context, my friend was posting all those computer-generated time suck questions-- "If you were a musical instrument, what would you be?" He posted about 20 in rapid succession, all so he could post funny replies. He was his own straight man. So, my "Clapton" reply was simply for a laugh, not necessarily to start trouble or a Clapton discussion. Apparently, a few did not get it. I'm a fan of Eric, and I absolutely agree with you regarding "Layla." It can be frustrating though, being an EC fan. See: "Old Sock."

Nick said...

Clapton's Christmas record was a pleasant listen. I'll haul it out again next season.

mauijim said...

Sal, think I have bought every EC album til the Christmas album. Was horrified he was trying that but did listen to it via streaming and it was an enjoyable listen. Was pretty cruel when 461 came out that he should be back on heroin. Today I consider 461 one of my top20 fave lps
I appreciate that side of the blues today and can sit proudly with the flash on Layla. Thanks for a great subject that is dear to my heart

Sal Nunziato said...

Maybe I'm just not funny.

To be clear, I wasn't knocking EC's Xmas album. I've never heard it. I was merely sharing a story about how my jokes were taken literally.

Bill said...

I laughed. And the Cream performance you posted is pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

Sal, trust me, you're funny.

Some people are just idiots.


Anonymous said...

Ginger Baker is playing so far behind the beat there that it's almost another song. At least he can't complain that Bruce was too loud again.

I feel the same regarding Clapton. I took his side in a lot of Eric v. Jimi debates. Hindsight has not been kind.

Bombshelter Slim said...

Clapton's legend is based on his guitar playing. He never was much of a singer (although he occasionally got the vocal job done very well). To this day, when he closes his eyes, throws his head back and just blows, he's pretty hard to beat. Doesn't do it enough, though, and that's the knock against him. Happy New Year, Sal!!

heartsofstone said...

I saw the Cream show at the Garden, and haven't had the heart to see Clapton again. I wangt that show to be my last memory.

Joe said...

This is an issue that I think about occasionally. Is an artist simply "mailing it in" and producing music that pales to what he/she previously created. Maybe the artist has run out of interesting musical ideas. Or, is the artist moving in a different direction, a direction that I am not interested in. Neil Young comes to mind as a performer whose output in the last decade or so has been completely uninteresting to my tastes. But Miles and Coltrane never stood still and I have records from all of their periods.

There are post 1970 Clapton records that I still enjoy and listen to on a regular basis (not all of them though). Some may feel that he has lost his fire on these records. Others may feel that they enjoy the direction he is going in.

The personal nature of music, in my opinion, allows both views to co-exist. Joe