Friday, January 18, 2019

I Finally Got The Memo, RE: Thunderegg

Have I got a story for you!

I sold a record on Discogs. The customer paid for the record and then sent a message. "Are you the Sal from The John Sally Ride?" To quote my old pal Rob, "This is the smallest world in the world." Turns out, the customer was Facebook friends with John Dunbar and had been digging our new record, "Nothing Doing." That made my morning, so I mailed his record out with a bonus test pressing of the JSR's first album. He loved it and thanked me by sending me his new album.

And that's why I am here.

The customer is Will Georgantas and his band is Thunderegg. The project that is Thunderegg, led by Georgantas, has been making records since 1995, first here in New York City, then Princeton and currently in the Bay Area.  Their new album is "Cosmos" and man oh man, do I love it!

The opening track, "Planetarium" has two parts, beginning as some shoegazy vibe which then opens up into, dare I say it, Teenage Fanclub territory, and yet...I did not turn it off. (First time readers--I am not a shoegazer nor a TF all.) My patience, and need to do the right thing paid off. "Cosmos" got closer and closer to my wheelhouse, like Jason Falkner and Brian Eno being produced by David Gilmour. This record is the surprise hit of my week.

Thank you Will, for the record and for the great music.

Check out "Cosmos" by Thunderegg. 


Anonymous said...

Good stuff - ordered the vinyl (beautiful splatter no less!).

Kinda surprised you went near it with the Teenage Fanclub similarities but agree with your other comparisions, Falkner and Eno.

If you like these guys, you might check out The Chills.


P.S. I've been meaning to thank you again for the Kelley Stoltz post a few weeks ago - been digging it ever since!

heartsofstone said...

Great stuff - Thanks

Anonymous said...

These are both really good, and I love Teenage Fanclub and good shoegaze, so I'm loving this intro to a band I'd not known. Thanks!
C in California

hpunch said...

Sounds great. I'll have to pick this up. That test pressing of A New Set Of Downs will be worth big bucks one day.

Dr Wu said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Sal! Loving this album. Loving this band. I think you’ll be a fan of their 2014 album, ‘C’mon Thunder’ as well.
This seems to be a catalog definitely worth exploring. Thanks again for the share.

kevin m said...

Thanks for the tip Sal. Just downloaded on iTunes and will spend part of my MLK holiday listening!