Monday, March 4, 2019

Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

I wish I had something exciting for you today, but I don't.

Anyone have anything to kickstart a cold, grey Monday?


Ken D said...

Any thoughts out there about the Cactus Blossoms? Dead ringers (aurally) for the Everly Bros.
Which should be a great thing—but are they maybe TOO much an imitation?
They do write their own songs, but...

I can't decide.
And maybe there's a thread here about influences versus imitators.

Anonymous said...

I would enjoy a post about an idea you had a couple of weeks ago - concert setlist of artists songs they've rarely/never played.


jeff said...

Remembering March 4, 1986 and the sad death of Richard Manuel

Shriner said...

Random thoughts on a Monday afternoon:

I'm trying to decide if I liked Weezer's "Black Album" or not. Or if they are a band that will be unfairly flagged as "why is this new album not as great as your debut" from now until they call it quits?

And I *really liked* "3 x 4" -- that Paisly Underground self-celebration album.

And I finally saw Bohemian Rhapsody over the weekend. I went into it fully knowing that it was soft-pedaled and time-line shifted, but I thought it was a lot of fun. I watched it with a bunch of Millenials I play volleyball with and I was the old fart who was actually around when Live Aid was broadcast, so I got to regale them with stories of what that was like when the movie was over.