Saturday, March 2, 2019

Songs Of The Week, 2019: 2/23-3/1

The Village Green Preservation Society- The Kinks
Fear (Main Title From "One Step Beyond")- The Ventures
And So Is Love- Kate Bush
The Place- The Action
Sacrifice- Motorhead
It's Been So Long- Dave Edmunds
Death Trip- Iggy & The Stooges


The Village Green Preservation Society- The Kinks
"Preserving the old ways, from being abused. Protecting the new ways for me and for you."

Fear (Main Title from "One Step Beyond")- The Ventures
From Keith Moon's favorite album, "The Ventures In Space." This whole record is nothing like anything else in The Ventures catalogue. No wonder Moonie loved it.

And So Is Love- Kate Bush
A favorite track from "The Red Shoes," my fave Kate record and the least fave of many. Can't figure that one out. Some nice playing from Eric Clapton, too.

The Place -The Action
Still digging The Action, months after that boxed set. This one popped up as a new fave.

Sacrifice- Motorhead
I won't try to sell you on Motorhead. You either get them or you don't. This track is one of my three favorites by the band and has one of the most insane drum patterns courtesy of Mikkey D. It also played on shuffle right before the next tune and the segue killed me, so I decided to recreate it here. If you can't "sacrifice" three minutes or are too weak of heart to listen to the entire Motorhead track, fast forward to the end and enjoy the segue.

It's Been So Long- Dave Edmunds
See above.

Death Trip- Iggy & The Stooges
I listened to "Raw Power" three times in a row last week. I don't recall ever doing that with any record in my adult years. This track is something else, and what an ending. Pure fire!


Shriner said...

The thing about "The Red Shoes" is that -- when you put it in context after all the others that preceded it -- it's my " least favorite". Listening to all the recent remasters hasn't changed my opinion of that album either. That's one of the better tracks from it, though!

Sal Nunziato said...

But I have put it in context. I am a huge Kate fan. I bought the first two vinyl boxes and Red Shoes is STILL my favorite, though "Hounds Of Love" is not far behind.

Michael Giltz said...

Ha! Thanks for the playlist. I'm just getting ready to binge listen to Kate Bush's catalog. Long overdue! "Hounds Of Love" is at the top, but that's based on NOT a lot of listening and with the def knowledge she had quite a few very strong to great albums throughout and deserves to be spun by me a lot more. Still delightfully haunted by "The Man With The Child In His Eyes"


In my previous life as a musical snob I had troubles with Kate Bush. Today ... I really dig And So Is Love -- thanks!

And that The Action cut is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Another vote for Red Shoes. Not a favourite when first out, but every re-visit since I've liked it more and now it is one of my faves too. Didn't you do a thing on that once, Sal? albums that grew on you over the years. If not ...


dogbreath said...

Loving the SOTW from the sublime Kinks track & the Motorheadbangery contrast into Dave Edmunds and it was EC's playing on the Kate Bush tune that drew me into her LP at the time. Many thanks & cheers!

Shriner said...

I'm one of those who thinks "The Dreaming" is Kate's high mark, so that may explain why The Red Shoes is where I rank it. And, I'll say it: I never got "The Ninth Wave", either. Side A of HOL is amazing, though.

Anonymous said...

The Action track is a real stand out