Monday, April 8, 2019

New, Old Stock: John Howard

Me and the boys from The John Sally Ride can never get together without talking about either the New York Yankees, or obscure singer-songwriters who sound like a cross between "Hunky Dory"-era David Bowie and "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"-era Elton John, with a touch of Al Stewart and Scott Walker. This past week, thanks to both Mr. Dunbar and Mr. Maida, I discovered the latter, Mr. John Howard.

Signed to CBS in 1973, Howard was groomed for stardom, but the BBC refused to play the first single, "Goodbye Suzie," from his debut "Kid In A Big World," deeming the suicidal theme too depressing. And that was that. It never happened. He released two more solid records for CBS and continues to sing and record to this day.

There's more to his story, but I am not his biographer. I am just crazy about "Kid In A Big World," which features both Rod Argent and Bob Henrit from Argent. Here is a trio of tracks to get you started. "Kid In A Big World"was just reissued on the You Are The Cosmos label, if you're interested.


buzzbabyjesus said...

This is not Rock n Roll, and therefore, not for me.
Something about his voice irks me. I don't believe a word.

Anonymous said...

going to go with a poor man's Chris DeBurgh

FD13NYC said...

Very good find. I've heard/heard of him a while back. Music is just as you described, and it's just fine with me.

Mr. Baez said...

I hear a bit of Harry Nilsson on "Family Man." Thanks for the share, Sal.