Friday, April 5, 2019

"FEELING GROOVY" : A Weekend Mix From The Archives

This Weekend Mix first appeared on January 29, 2010. No changes have been made to the music, only some minor touching up on the copy.
Dig it.

This mix has been through a few different forms since its inception. It started simply as a cheap vehicle to get everyone to hear Nick Curran's sick and slinky Stooges' cover and Martin Belmont's brilliant take on Elvis Costello's "Alison." Then, the "Lost Tracks" series I began a few weeks ago came to mind, and the mix, at least in my head, quickly turned into a collection of not-so-familiar songs by artists everyone was familiar with.


Then, as I started picking and choosing, I noticed a groove happening, or a "happening groove," if you will. So "FEELING GROOVY" it is.

Thoughts and comments are encouraged.



shaft in africa- johnny pate
leaving here- jimmy hanna & the dynamics
right now, right now- al green
non support- ironing board sam
scraps- nrbq
no fun- nick curran & the lowlifes
alison- martin belmont
four day creep- ida cox
down home girl- the coasters
i was a fool- the casanova II
we need an understanding- ike & tina turner
temptation 'bout to get me- the knight brorthers
shotgun slim- dyke & the blazers
the first cut is the deepest- the koobas
that's the way- the kit kats
railroad man- bill withers



soundsource said...

another great mix, thanks as always Mr. Wood. Worth the price of admission for Shaft in Africa alone. Can I get a wacka wacka wacka.

charlie c. said...

a happening groove!
i will!
i will!
(haven't heard such talk since the Weekend Mixes were on TDK XL-II's down in Washington Square Park)

steve simels said...

The Koobas were a genuine mod band, right?

Sal Nunziato said...

I guess, Steve. Weren't they also marketed as a band with some sort of Beatles' connection?

steve simels said...

Sal -- apparently we're both right.

misospecial said...

woohoo! need some heat this weekend. this will help shake the chill...

Meanstreets said...

No football, no baseball, 15 degrees outside, the winter blues in full bloom....Burning Wood, we require a " Sunday Mix " feauturing the music inspired by the city of Austin, Tx, my adopted home city...

And say a prayer for fellow Texan, Rip Torn, a friend of us all...more evidence to be released that will completely vindicate him & have CT police apoligize to him...

Anonymous said...

heard for the first time about a rumored groove cover - Factory band A Certain Ratio collaborating with Grace Jones to cover the Talking Heads'"Houses in Motion." Got to demo stage but Jones bowed out.

seen it suggested that the Cox song is actually titled "'Fore Day Creep."


Saw the post this morning and thought "Oh yeah, that was fun."

Now I told myself to stop thinking about the past and start experiencing the present.

Just listen to the mix again -- Great!

buzzbabyjesus said...

I think I missed it last time. Thanks! This reviving past mixes isn't a bad thing.

Marie said...

What a fantastic mix, Sal! I love your freewheeling good taste - Ida Cox to the Coasters to the Koobas. I've never been able to understand how some folks can listen only to blues or only to power pop, etc. It's a real adventure for the ears, mixing things up like this. The Duke Ellington quote that I posted here a few months ago is so apt, it immediately came to mind, so for anyone who hasn't read it before: "There are two kinds of music. Good music, and the other kind!"