Friday, November 1, 2019

Deep Cut Six Pack Volume Seven: The Covers Edition

It is the opening track that inspired me to put this six pack together. My friend and band mate John and I were discussing hard rock and heavy metal over coffee. One album led to another and he asked if I had ever heard Paul Gilbert's Donna Summer cover. (I had suggested Mr. Big's "Lean Into It" as a great one in the genre, and we both agreed that their guitar player, Gilbert, was exceptional.) Anyway, I had not heard the cover. As soon as I got home, I dialed it up and man, it knocked me out. Gilbert's "I Feel Love" is a bit of genius and now you'll hear it, as well as five other deep covers that I think are terrific--

--Neko Case's version of a deep cut from Queen's "Sheer Heart Attack" album, Keith Jarrett doing Dylan, one of the trippiest Beatles covers I have ever heard from bluesman Junior Parker, a band I saw almost 20 years ago at an XTC Loser's Lounge tribute, The Four Bags, and the song they played that night, "Humble Daisy" from "Nonsuch," and the big finale, the wild and wacky Phil Flowers' Flower Shop covering another Zimmy classic, "Like A Rolling Stone."


I Feel Love- Paul Gilbert
The Inner Light- Little Junior Parker
Misfire- Neko Case
Humble Daisy- The Four Bags
My Back Pages- Keith Jarrett
Like A Rolling Stone- Phil Flowers' Flower Shop



Anonymous said...

love it. Keith Jarrett also covered Joni Mitchell's "All I Want" on one of his earliest trio albums.

Christine said...

LOVED Like a Rolling Stone! (Finally) :)

dogbreath said...

You're back? Had you gone somewhere? (Ha ha). Paul Gilbert's played some very cool covers along the way, live and on disc, and this one's a fave. Nice zip package, many thanks. Cheers!

Michael Giltz said...

Welcome back! (Just welcome back, not a call for anyone to discover a cover of the theme song to "Welcome Back, Kotter"!

M_Sharp said...

Good set, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm just getting to this, so will report that I love that Jarrett cover and its haunting piano figure. I had the Flowers cover already, and love its sheer exuberance. Have you done a Dylan cover post or comp yet? I nominate Nina Simone's version of Ballad Of Hollis Brown as all-time best, for taking an unsettling song to new heights.
C in California