Thursday, October 31, 2019

Bad Kitty Music #15: Mississippi Fred McDowell

MISSISSIPPI FRED MCDOWELL - 1904-1972 (1972). Mississippi Fred McDowell released an LP in the late ‘60s entitled “I Do Not Play No Rock N’ Roll”, and this LP is culled from those same sessions. Though released on the dinky Just Sunshine label, this record smolders with the raw and uncooked sound of the blues. Do you like R. L. Burnside? You will like this record. Do you like Jon Spencer and/or The Blues Explosion? You will like this record. Do you like The White Stripes? You will like this record. Do you like Joe Bonamassa? Then you have deeper issues, best not addressed here. These sessions, peppered with dialogue, speed up when it feels right, and while they may not be “perfect”, are actually perfect. If you ever feel like there is a mortgage on your soul, and you have missed a payment, Fred knows what that’s about. Get your delinquent self to the Vinyl Revolution Record Show in Garden City this weekend, and settle your balance.

-John G.
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buzzbabyjesus said...

Regardless of of what he says, it's rock n roll.

philo said...

If anyone has some spare time, go on YouTube and check out FolkSeattle. I believe it was a local PBS station that taped various roots musicians as they came through Seattle in the late 60's.
Here is just a sampling of what they have.
Fred McDowell 1969

kodak ghost said...

Love this Bad Kitty series!