Thursday, December 19, 2019

Young Man Blues

“Although I had heard about the destruction that accompanied My Generation, to witness it on stage was another thing altogether. I realized that, unlike almost every other band, with The Who, you couldn’t figure out who to look at. Every member was a show unto himself and when they essentially destroyed themselves on stage —several times a day—it made it impossible for any act to follow them. Ironically, I learned more about the roots of rock music and how it should be performed from The Who in five minutes than I had ever seen any white people stake a legitimate claim to that wasn’t stolen directly from black music."

- Todd Rundgren

I guess it would make more sense to post "My Generation," but I like this better.


Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

Kinda lacked energy, no?

(Insert sarcasm emoji here)


Bill said...

I was scrolling through the comments on the Youtube video you posted with the isolated guitar track from Who Are You. There were many comments praising Townshend as the best rhythm guitarist ever. I can see the point--live, he often had to hold the song together while Moon and Entwistle did their thing, But watching this, you see how much lead he was playing while still holding the song together. Really powerful stuff.

I'm digging all the Who attention at the end of 2019!