Friday, January 10, 2020

Neil Peart, 1952-2020

I can play about 25 Rush tunes somewhat perfectly...on a dashboard, a kitchen counter, a bar in a pub, my thighs, and of course, in the air. But even in my wildest dreams, I don’t dare attempt the brilliance of Neil Peart on an actual kit.

This one hits hard. There are a lot memories attached to Rush’s music. (You know who you are, Sheepshead Bay.)

 Rest In Peace, Mr. Peart. Though knowing you, it’ll probably be in 9/4.


Anything Should Happen said...

Hits hard here too Sal.

I said earlier that Rush were the first band I heard that I didn't want to be the Guitarist in.

His playing, his lyrics, the way he dealt with the sadness in his life. A great loss!

Anonymous said...

I'm leveled. Other than the Beatles, Rush was the first band I was very aware of. In 1981, as a young boy, I'd have sleepovers at my best friend (we were seven or eight) and his older brother would be blasting Exit...Stage Left. He'd have D&D parties and we would worship those bigger kids who had cool music, mysterious games and who were just cool for being older. Even before I loved rock and roll I knew this band and many of their songs. In band and choir in junior high and high school, even though I would get picked on or whatever, it was this band I learned how to count time signatures, different chordal modes, how to sing (very) high and how to find one's own band that wasn't "cool" in the late '80s (among a ton of music that is now dated and not of the same caliber as this band). One of my first concert memories was in 1990, with my cousin who scored seventh row center seats on the Presto tour, when Geddy Lee smiled and nodded at me when I stood up during Red Barchetta on a chair and pumped my fist. I'm not feeling nostalgic; I'm mourning the loss of a man whose music touched me deeply.

Paul in CA

dogbreath said...

Sad news of another great talent leaving us. A classic band with some classic albums to replay. RIP Mr Peart.

Anonymous said...

2112 hit me harder than any other album ever has after the first listen.