Tuesday, February 25, 2020

If You Ever Have The Blues, You'll Always Hear This In Your Heart

This clip runs less than 5:00, but I could probably talk about everything that's perfect in it for hours. It closes out Les Blank's sublime short, "The Blues Accordin' To Lightning Hopkins," one of 14 Blank films included in the Criterion Collection Blu-Ray box "Always For Pleasure."

This insanely good Criterion box has been out for six years! Why did no one tell me? It’s everything and more, all of Blank's films, with new transfers and remastered audio and a ton of extras.  I’ve seen about half of the films at least once. A few, like the Hopkins and the Mance Lipscomb short "A Life Well Spent," and the title film, "Always For Pleasure," I watch over and over. Every film is unique. The images and sounds are nothing short of miraculous and I find it hard to take my eyes off the screen. You will go nuts in the best possible way watching “Garlic Is As Good As Ten Mothers.” Trust me. If you love food, music and culture, there are no better films than those included in "Les Blank: Always For Pleasure."  

But for now, take a look at this clip and if you haven't been hypnotized by the 2:39 mark, focus a bit more on Lightning, his playing and his demeanor from 2:39 to 3:30. I swear you can literally see his heart on his sleeve.


Whattawino said...

OUTSTANDING! I felt like I was sitting in the room....and being moved!

Anonymous said...

I think Prime or Hulu (back when they had the entire Criterion catalog) streamed the full set for a long time. Now Prime only has a Les Blank Huey Lewis joint and some Hopkins shorts.

ken49 said...

Always have liked Lightnin since picking up an Arhoolie records of his at Moe's Bookstore in Berkeley.

Bill said...

Finally catching up with this. Excellent! Thank you for posting.