Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The New Single From The John Sally Ride

Here it is, the second single from the forthcoming album by The John Sally Ride.
Dial it up! Give it a spin! Share it and share it again! Hell, maybe even buy it!

Thanks for listening.

Sal Nunziato- Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals.
Sal Maida- Bass
Joe Pampel- Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
John Dunbar- Vocals, Guitar and Piano


Anonymous said...

Great song!, Sal(s)… and J & J


heartsofstone said...

Just bought it. Great song. On a roll since Nothing Doing.

cmealha said...

Congrats on another fine single. Now where's the rest of the album?

Bill said...

Very nice, Sal. Looking forward to hearing the long-player!

Zippy said...

Love it!! Congrats, Sal!!!

Whattawino said...

Just heard it now....humming it already! Thank you, Riders!

steve simels said...

I hate you, Sal. This stuff is too damn great.