Monday, February 17, 2020

More Beatles Covers?

That's right, more Beatles covers! But you know what? When great songs continue to be reinterpreted as wonderfully smart as those found on this 2012 release Roberta Flack, I say, bring e'm on!

I had no idea this record existed until yesterday, when I saw my friend post something about it on Facebook. I love Roberta Flack's first three records, as well as a few singles here and there. But I have not listened to or thought about Flack in ages. I really love what she does with these songs.


Anonymous said...

Released in 2012 when she was 75. Her voice sounds so young i'm tempted to think they sped up the tapes. fwiw, I include the Killing Me Softly album as essential. It has the Joel Dorn production, but relies less on the long ballads than the first 3 albums

kodak ghost said...

Bloody Hell. Never heard of this album, Great stuff. Just shows how resilient Beatles songs are.

Robin said...

It’s great isn’t? Roberta is a national treasure. One reason I appreciate Beatles covers in general is the love for the songs and the Fabs themselves that I hear in the performance even if the cover isn’t as well done as these. But most of all a really good cover reintroduces these amazing songs to me, that I’ve probably heard too many times (in voices that are so familiar) and I fall in love again almost for the first time, and yeah these songs really are as great as I knew they were, it’s reaffirming.

I recently discovered guitarist Milos Karadaglic and am really loving his Beatles album Blackbird.