Tuesday, March 24, 2020


Graham Gouldman, rock legend, the man behind "Bus Stop," "For Your Love," "Heart Full Of Soul" and "Look Through Any Window, 1/4 of 10cc and a recent member of Ringo's All-Starr Band, quietly released a new solo album in February titled "Modesty Forbids."

I love the first four 10cc records as much as I love anything in my collection. Wild and wacky, courtesy of Godley and Creme. Melodic and mellifluous, courtesy of Gouldman & Stewart. Together, 10cc created some of the most unique and intense records of the 70's, so I was a little more than excited to read about this surprising new release.

"Modesty Forbids' is a pretty straight forward affair, as if Gouldman decided he's finally grown up and out of the wild and wacky. This is not a bad thing. His voice hasn't changed and he still can write a fantastic pop tune. The opener "Standing Next To Me" is a Beatle-esque song about getting the call from Ringo to join the All-Starrs, and features Mr. Starkey himself on drums. "What Time Won't Heal" could have been written for either The Hollies or 10cc.

"Modesty Forbids" plays really well. It is not overwhelming, but it certainly does not disappoint. It is a sharp record from a pop hero at the late stages of a long career and I will take that any day.


Slidewell said...


I see what you did there. LOL!

Pleasant pop from Gouldman, but it's like a well-cooked meal, but with no seasoning.


I'm not sure what I expected ... I dig it. Light, frothy, poppy. Nice!

philo said...

But does it beat his time singing and writing for the Ohio Express ?

Eric said...

thanks salvatore