Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Another Pop Gem From Jeff Matthews

Back in September of 2017, I did a bit of raving about a new E.P. from Jeff Matthews. It began something like this:

"I believe it was my old pal and Burning Wood colleague who recently said, "Supergroups don't always make super music." While that may be true---see Asia, circa 1982---the new E.P. from Jeff Matthews, "Loyal Opposition," says otherwise. Maybe "supergroup" is a bit much, but with a genuine guitar hero named Earl Slick offering up some of his tastiest licks, and madman pop genius Mark Hudson on keys, backing vocals and production duties, super isn't that far of a stretch."

This trio is back with a new E.P., "Mirror Image," and so is Eaglemania drummer Jon Weiswasser, Grammy winning producer Mario McNulty (Bowie and Prince) and new addition on backing vocals, Gary Burr. And "Mirror Image" does not disappoint. The songwriting is smart and the record making is smarter. "Glass Floor" feels like The E Street Band going power pop and "Old Timers Day" would have hit me hard, prior to all this madness we are currently dealing with.

"Mirror Image" is available at all your favorite places to listen and I urge you to listen.

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