Friday, March 27, 2020

Deep Cut Six Pack Volume Twelve: New Orleans Edition

Needless to say, a lot has been cancelled, including both French Quarter Fest and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. I don't want to get into the bad news. We know it. We are here for the music. So, with New Orleans on my mind, I offer up a Deep Cut Six Pack.

Keep the spirit.

Laissez le bons temps rouler.

And wash those damn hands.

Immigrant Song- Tin Men
Poor Boy Got To Move- Allen Toussaint & The Stokes
Southern Man- John Boutte
Okemah- The Iguanas
When The Party's Over- Jon Cleary
Grow Too Old- Bobby Charles


Oh...and here's a new Bob Dylan song.



Wonderful! Thanks Sal.

Be well everybody!

elroy said...

"Oh...and here's a new Bob Dylan song"! Nicely done

pmac said...

Tin Men are so criminally overlooked. And, the New Orleans Nightcrawlers just released a new album - Atmosphere. Its fantastic.

Troy said...

Thanks, Sal!

Chris Collins said...

What do you think of the Dylan song?

Sal Nunziato said...

@Chris Collins
I don't think I'll ever listen to it a second time, but the first time left me frozen. It's something else, for sure. I say that in the best possible way.


I am mesmerized by the Dylan -- I've been playing it over and over all day.

WTF? -- and I say that in the best possible way!

Michael Giltz said...

ha! Here's a new Dylan epic! I felt for you when New Orleans JazzFest was inevitably cancelled. Plus, that's one year fewer where I can go and follow in your wake for some great music and food. Some day! I am CERTAIN you will listen to it again, Sal. It's Dylan! Your mantra is music and artists always deserve a first and second listen and esp the music of those you've followed and loved for many years. I think the Dylan at first blush doesn't have the complexity of say the similarly epic Titanic song "Tempest" (right song?) but it still held my attention. Twice!

kodak ghost said...

Thanks for the six pack. Not heard the Bobby Charles cut before. Still working on the Dylan.... does this means there is more to come?

Wash your hands, don't go out, isolate yourself. If you go to the shops, wear gloves, dispose of the (or wash them) when you get home. Wipe down your bank card and your phone.

From afar USA is well behind the 8 ball...We (Australia) are ahead of the curve, and still we are fucking it up. LEARN FROM OTHERS.

Keep posting , its helping our sanity.

Hopefully a Fully Qualified Survivor. See you in 6 months.

Bill said...

The new Dylan is a requiem for a world now long gone.

M_Sharp said...

Thanks, another fine six pack.

Stream of consciousness from Dylan, I suppose. It's different, I'll give it a few more listens.