Friday, March 13, 2020

"Something In The Air": THE WEEKEND MIX

In the event that you are quarantined, here's a self-explanatory selection of tunes to keep you company.

Remember, be vigilant and wash your private parts for two full verses of "Zemer Atik."

And for Pete's sake, stop touching your face. 

Hey! STOP! 



Stay clean, friends.

Something In the Air- Thunderclap Newman
Ouch!- The Rutles
Wash Us Away- Ian Hunter
Rock N Roll Doctor- Black Sabbath
Cold Sweat (Part 1)- James Brown
Don't Touch Me There- The Tubes
I'm So Tired- The Beatles
Going Down Fast- The Mark Four
Ghost Town- The Specials
Touch Too Much- AC/DC
You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)- Bruce Springsteen & The ESB
I'm Sick Y'all- Otis Redding
If You Let Me Make Love To You (Why Can't I Touch You)- Ronnie Dyson
Beginning (Of The End)- Todd Rundgren & John Boutte
The Healing Game- Van Morrison
Sick Day- Fountains Of Wayne
Dear Doctor- Rolling Stones
Headache- Frank Black
I'm Not Afraid- Frank Sinatra
Blowin' In The Wind- Bob Dylan
God Give Me Strength- Elvis Costello
Stay Clean- Motorhead



Troy said...

Pretty good looking mix, Sal. I would add Warren Zevon's 'Don't Let Us Get Sick'. Have a good weekend, stay healthy, stay safe.


Let's hope we don't get to It's "The End Of The World?"

Very nice mix Sal -- thanks.

Wash your hands everybody!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mix.

I just hope I have enough toilet paper to make it through the weekend. None in the stores. Let me know if you're selling any rolls with your records on Discogs.


soundsource said...

I've go a separate folder just for my Burning Wood playlists and SOTW's. This one is going to the top of the list. Good'un

rick said...

Divinyls, "I Touch Myself"

Rob said...

You must have had a hoot putting this together! And such a rich vein to mine too. Who knew pestilence and disease could be so entertaining?

Thank you, Mr Nunziato!

George said...

Good one, Sal!

Anonymous said...

Nice set! Could add The Buzzcocks - Why Can't I Touch It


MarginAlt said...

what about-
i’m bad, i’m nationwide?

A walk in the woods said...

Can't wait to hear the downloadable version - thank you Sal! Am I the only one getting an error message when trying to download it? The message I get says "Norton blocked an attack by: Fake tech support domains."

I'm sorry to even mention it, because the world has far large concerns today, so just ignore or back burner as desired - but just letting you know.

More importantly, thanks for all you do Sal, and stay safe out there, y'all!

Sal Nunziato said...

A Walk In The Woods,
There are no errors on my end. I use a very reputable host, safe and secure. It's why I ocassionally ask for donations once a year. They aren't cheap. Could be some software on your end. I hope it gets sorted out.

A walk in the woods said...

Great, and no prob - I'm blaming it on Corona! :)

Anonymous said...

Chest Fever by the Band?

Bill said...

A perfect soundtrack to this crazy week. Love the Zevon addition!

kevin m said...

Do You Wanna Touch - Joan Jett? :)

dogbreath said...

Nice job! Got to keep the sense of humour up & I've been annoying my partner by regular plays of UFO's "Doctor, Doctor" and Johnny Otis' "Willie and the Hand Jive". Good to know it's not just my gallows humour. Cheers!

Kirke said...

You are really the master at this! Love the ZZ Top selection.

M_Sharp said...

Great playlist, thanks! My non-esstial workplace is shut down through next week, this will make life a bit more tolerable.