Sunday, March 15, 2020

Songs Of The Week, 2020: 3/7-3/13

Hold Me Closer- The Equals
Melting Pot- The Boris Gardiner Happening
Feel U Up- Prince
Aisling- Shane MacGowan & The Popes
Don't Want To Know- Bryan Ferry
Long Time Woman- Pam Grier
Darlin' One- the Repalcements


Hold Me Closer- The Equals
I originally opened up this set with "Baby Come Back," but there is some confusion with the track and tagging on my end. Your zip will state, "BCB," but it will play "Hold Me Closer." My apologies.

Melting Pot- The Boris Gardiner Happening
Yes, another reggae cover of a soul classic, I know! But I love this stuff.

Feel U Up- Prince/Aisling- Shane MacGowan & The Popes
These two are courtesy of the iPod. A magical bizarro segue, if I ever heard one.

Don't Want To Know- Bryan Ferry
Found an elusive vinyl copy of Ferry's "Mamouna" not too long ago and decided to give it another spin this week. Good album, great opener. And produced by Robin Trower! Talk about strange bedfellows.

Long Time Woman- Pam Grier
I am not a fan of Quentin Tarantino, but we'll leave that discussion for my new blog, "Sal Starts Unnecessary Trouble." Until then, here's a track from the 1971 blaxploitation flick, "The Big Bird Cage," sung by its star, Pam Grier, later used by Tarantino in one of the few movies of his I did like, "Jackie Brown." This groove is badass.

Darlin' One- The Replacements
Might be my fave track from "Don't Tell A Soul." This is the original version, not the recent Matt Wallace fix.


Paolo Meccano said...

Thanks. Btw, the Equals track isn't actually 'Baby Come Back', but rather 'Hold Me Closer'.

Sal Nunziato said...

Oh no. Thx, Paolo. It was tagged incorrectly. Must do some edting

Anonymous said...

Looks good. Can't wait to see your new blog (Yes, I know you were kidding, but it still sounds like fun....).
I too love that old bluebeat/ska stuff, and especially the covers, which, not unlike your recent mashup post, put disparate elements together in a surprising and enjoyable mix. Keep 'em coming!
C in California

dogbreath said...

Many thanks. Another fine SOTW assembly. Cheers!