Friday, April 10, 2020


A-1 On The Jukebox- Dave Edmunds
Abandoned Love- Paul Rodgers & Nils Lofgren
Above The Clouds- Paul Weller
Accidentally Like A Martyr- Warren Zevon
Afraid Himself To Be- Jason Falkner
After Mardi Gras- Steve Earle
Agent Double-O-Soul- Lil Bob & The Lollipops
Aguas de Marco- Elis Regina e Tom Jobim
Air That I Breathe- The Mavericks
Airplane- David Rawlings
Al Capone- Prince Buster
Albatross- Fleetwood Mac
All I Need Is The Girl- Frank Sinatra & Duke Ellington
Almost Grown- Chuck Berry
American Tune- Elvis Costello
Amie- Pure Prairie League
Amoreena- Elton John
Angel Eyes- James Booker
Ashes By Now- Rodney Crowell
August Day- Hall & Oates




Great fun -- thanks Sal.

Let's hope the world is "back to normal" (whatever that is) before you need to get to the Zs.

Wash your hands and have a great weekend everybody!

soundsource said...

this is fucking hysterical. you must be seriously bored. i'm surprised your not breaking into genre etc. lol

Sal Nunziato said...

Actually, I'm not bored at all. Just trying to keep sharing music for those who might be. It's my civic duty. Plus, it's better than the mood killer that is Facebook!

allen vella said...

Wonderfullist Sal, just listened, and in lieu of doing my radio show today, this totally lifted my spirits. And Tyrone was killer too. Thanks for the great music.

elroy said...

Excelent idea and list!

FD13NYC said...

Great idea and list. Will you eventually go all the way to Z?

Sal Nunziato said...

I'm hoping I won't have to go all the way to Z, but I'm prepared to.


Maxivan said...

Entiendo en mi pobre manejo del idioma de Shekspare, que iniciaste comenzaste empezaste a elaborar una lista semanal con canciones que empiezen con todas las letras del abecedario.

Está semana le tocó a la "A" y terminará después de que lleguen las siguientes semanas con la letra "Z".

Creo que esto se va a poner bueno.

Las oiré semana a semana.

Generalmente pones una buena selección de temas, y en esta ocasión no creo que sea la excepción.


Saludos desde México

dogbreath said...

Grade A stuff. A mellifluous mélange of melodies to savour over the weekend. Thanks, stay safe and Cheers!

Scott Lee said...

Nice selection. Thanks for making this a little more bearable.

Rob said...

This is grand fun! Couldn't resist the temptation to stare into the future care of the iTunes crystal ball to try and glean what the Zs might have in store. Rich pickings! And like you always do, I'm sure you'll come up with treats I've never heard before, Sal.

(Mind you, I had no idea I had nine versions of Zip-A-Dee-DooDah...)

M_Sharp said...

Excellent, thanks!

Mr. Baez said...

So much great music! Thanks for this and the FOW. Just wonderful.

kodak ghost said...

Just Thanks.

Daddykin said...

Hey, Sal. I love your comps....such a great variety of music. As a fellow Elvis Costello fan and completist, please check his Facebook post a few days ago. You may know about it already, but if not, he shared a Youtube still-photo audio solo acoustic "bedroom recording" that he made this week of "I Wish It Would Rain," the old Temptations classic. It's low-key, but very nice and heartfelt. Take care, thanks for all the great shares, and Happy Easter. :)

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks so much Daddykin, but I don't see it. Can you please direct me?

Sal Nunziato said...

Nevermind, Daddykin. I went to his website instead of Facebook. Thanks for the tip.

Daddykin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daddykin said...

Here's the full link to help if you still need it. Enjoy. :

Daddykin said...

Hey, addition, here is a link to Steve Nieve's Daily Improvisation - Today's episode (#24) features EC material, and about midway Elvis joins by video hookup and sings several tracks, finishing with a brand new original call "Hey, Clock Face"!! He also reveals that they are working on a new album (9 songs recorded in Paris in February already) with a now-postponed plan for a session at Abbey Road. He also hints that he has called Nick Lowe to produce!! (without mentioning his name) right before playing "PLU" with Steve. "Hey Clock Face " follows this soon after some more chatter. I'm excited to hear this, and I thought you would dig it too, so here is the linK. Enjoy!