Friday, October 16, 2020

"October, 2020": The Weekend Mix




It's the return of "...and it sounds good altogether!"

It must be, what, 34 years since I last put together a selection of songs with no obvious connection, other than my digging them. Okay, maybe only a year, but it feels like 34. And truly, these mixes are never truly random, though the following notes are.

That Genesis track is actually a demo from their first album sessions. I've been a fan for years, though I finally got off the bus with "Illegal Alien" and that Michelob commercial. But it was only recently that I really appreciated the early baroque pop material.

That Michael Penn track remains my very favorite of his. I'm sure this is not the first time I've shared it here.

Don't know much about Clearlake, except their 2002 CD "Cedars" was a pretty popular release in my shop and I always loved this track. Some lazy research shows their last release was 2005.

Well, have at it.

Elevator Man- Kaleidoscope
Like A Fly- Cheap Trick
Helen Wheels- Paul McCartney
Try A Little Sadness- Genesis
Pretty Flamingo- Manfred Mann
It's A Beautiful Day Today- Moby Grape
Almost The Same- Clearlake
Fire & Brimstone- Link Wray
I Only Want To Be With You- The Tourists
All That That Implies- Michael Penn
Heavenly Day- Patty Griffin
Any King's Schilling- Elvis Costello
Chinese Cafe/Unchained Melody- Joni Mitchell




Yes it does! Sounds good altogether!

Thanks Sal.

Have a good weekend everybody.

A Walk In The Woods said...

Nice - my favorite type of mix you do!

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

Great Link Wray song. He was such a badass.


dogbreath said...

Three weekends ago I was playing The Tourists' Reality Effect album, the one on which they covered that Dusty Springfield classic, mainly because I wanted to hear So Good to Be Back Home Again, er, again. Neat stuff in the zip. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nice mix, Sal. I need to listen more of Michael Penn - heard just a little but have really enjoyed it.

The Joni tune is one of my favorites of hers.

Great way to start the weekend. Thanks!


ken49 said...

I have always loved the vocals on the Moby Grape song. And that is one of Michael Penn's best songs. It's on Resigned which is pretty solid. It seems like if I play Resigned than I have to play a Freedy Johnston album and a Pernice Brothers album right after.

Michael Giltz said...

I needed "Heavenly Day." Thx

Dr Wu said...

A shoutout to Freedy Johnston and the Pernice Brothers! Nice!