Friday, January 8, 2021

"JJ's Deep Cuts": The Weekend Mix


This week in rabbit holes finds me and a friend reminiscing via a series of texts over Joe Jackson, all brought on by the "Laughter & Lust" post a few days ago, a record my friend said he owns but doesn't really recall. It seems he got on board with "Night & Day," a fantastic place to start and continued to "Big World" while sporadically filling in holes. I came in at the very beginning, buying a white label promo of "Look Sharp" at Zig Zag Records on Avenue U and East 22nd Street not far from Sheepshead Bay.

This got me digging, looking through bootlegs, finding ticket stubs (and sadly not finding some ticket stubs like a few from The Ritz in 1980, Pier 82 in 1982 with Marshall Crenshaw opening and S.O.B's in 1986,) and discussing Joe's amazing live shows, all while pulling LPs off the shelves for a future Joe binge. 

I put together some of my favorite deep(er) cuts which include some live covers that range from not bad to excellent audio quality. There aren't that many, so the flow of playback won't hit too many speed bumps.

I hope you find something to love.

When You're Not Around
I Feel Possessed
Night By Night
The In Crowd/Down To London
Fools In Love/For Your Love
It's Different For Girls (With Elaine Caswell)
Don't Wanna Be Like That
Fairy Dust
Soul Kiss
Reeling In The Years
Goin' Downtown
Still Alive
Happy Loving Couples
Tonight & Forever
Couldn't I Just Tell You
Ode To Joy
Man In The Street



Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal, looking forward to the mix.

A JJ binge is gonna hit the spot this weekend.


A Walk In The Woods said...

Excited to see this, because I'm a big Joe fan but don't know almost any of these! (Mebbe I need to be MO' of a Joe fan, I reckon!)

Thanks Sal


On the strength of your earlier post I've been listening to Joe this week but my playlist is way less interesting / well curated than this mix.

Thanks Sal

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Sal. Looking forward to digging in.


Michael Giltz said...

I was always afraid to see Joe Jackson in concert. Wouldn't he kick me out if I coughed at the wrong moment? Did see him once I think circa Rain album in 2008 (maybe!) and he was good. Wonderfully cranky guy though he's 100% wrong about bans on smoking in bars and restaurants and live venues. Thanks for the mix; I'm sure even strong fans like me (Mike's Murder score!) won't know them all. I would def include something from Body & Soul, my personal fave of his. Perhaps "Be My Number Two"? Which should have been the last track on the album (deleting Heart of Ice and making a very good album even better.)

stewrat said...

Thanks for the nice memory jog!

Sal Nunziato said...

@Michael Giltz
I think "Heart Of Ice" is one of the best tracks on "Body & Soul." "Go For It" is the speed bump for me.

And what do you mean "100% wrong about bans on smoking..." Is Joe all for smoking in live venues and restaurants?"

kevin m said...

Sal- I know you don't really like Blaze of Glory but it does have some really good songs in my humble opinion. Such as: 19 Forever, Down to London and the title song

Sal Nunziato said...

@Kevin M,
I do love those three songs you mentioned. Even included a live "Down To London" on the mix. I think BOG was a let down after Big World. Time to revisit.

Michael Giltz said...

Yes to Kevin M on all three songs in Blaze of Glory. Joe Jackson is vehemently in favor of smoking in public spaces. he even wrote a pamphlet on it!

My problem with heart of ice is that it feels more like an art song than the jazzy vibe of the rest of the album. They're songs for Birdland while Heart of Ice is Lincoln Center. Just feels out of place to me, whatever its merits.

dogbreath said...

Lovely looking listening list. Love the clever selection. Been listening to a few JJ boots since your "Laughter & Lust" (always a great combo, I find) post last week so this mix is the cherry on top of the sundae. Every time I hear a Joe Jackson track I find myself belting out "Joltin' Joe Di Maggio" thanks to an old Seinfeld episode. Is it just me? (It's just you - Ed). Many thanks!