Sunday, January 10, 2021

Songs Of The Week, 2021: 1/2- 1/8



I Witnessed A Crime- Johnny Cash w/Billy Gibbons
Can't Do A Thing (To Stop Me)- Chris Isaak
I Shall Call Her Mary- Montage
Little Bird- The Beach Boys
Kilburn Towers- Bee Gees
American Tune- Willie Nelson
Honeydripper- Buddy Guy & Junior Wells


I Witnessed A Crime- Johnny Cash w/ Billy Gibbons
Six records of American Recordings and a few more CDs full of American outtakes, and this track still remains on bootlegs only.

Can't Do A Thing (To Stop Me)- Chris Isaak
Chris Isaak had a great run from his 1985 debut to 2001's "Always Got Tonight." Then, the releases became sporadic, the material uneven, and he started performing on Saturday afternoon ice skating shows for CBS. Still, love that initial run and this tune, though.

I Shall Call Her Mary/Little Bird/Kilburn Towers
These three songs were part of a bigger picture I had in mind for a mix. I love the way this trio sounds, but admittedly got lazy with the idea.

American Tune- Willie Nelson
Enough said.

Honeydripper- Buddy Guy & Junior Wells
An aptly titled tune, this can be found closing out Side Two of "Buddy & Junior Plays The Blues," but it's actually just Buddy backed by the J. Geils Band less Peter Wolf.



Very nice Sal -- thanks.

The Kilburn Towers reminds me ... have you seen the HBO Bee Gees doc? I liked it, learned some stuff, and think about it often. Two hours well wasted.

Sal Nunziato said...

I did see it, jayessemm and loved it. Been on a BGs binge since.

Troy said...

Agree on Chris Isaak. However, I was going through some CDs this past week to identify some dead weight to unload and found First Comes the Night, from a few years ago. Played it and found it to be much better than I remembered. It's in rotation more now than when I first bought it.

doghead said...

Old Bazza G was interviewed on TV the other evening here in the UK promoting his upcoming Duets type album and hearing his views on NOT watching BG's docs,etc was quite interesting & understandable in the circs. "American Tune" never more needed and doesn't "Honeydripper" just drip honey. Best SOTW since last week. Cheers!

Michael Giltz said...

I love Chris Isaak. His tv show was great too. I always felt he was a well-chosen greatest hits set from superstardom. The right mix of songs in the right order would make the whole world want to own it. Those days are long past of course. And an endless playlist don't cut it no more. That's not the way to make the argument for his talent. He does have a handful of great albums from 1985 debut to San Francisco Days mind you. But those songs. Those videos. Those cheekbones. It's an eternal mystery as to why he wasn't huge on radio.