Saturday, January 23, 2021

Larry King, 1933-2021


Larry King interviewing Eric Clapton:

So Eric, do you write your own numbers?


Anonymous said...

Eric: "Yeah, Larry, I do. Me and The Belfast Cowboy wrote one about these stupid Covid rules that are just over-the-top ridiculous about this 'fake' disease that anybody could survive and...Larry? Larry? Larry, you OK?"
C in California

kevin m said...

Anonymous -that is hilarious!

Whattawino said...

In a brilliant moment from The Simpsons, Homer is convinced he is going to die after eating poison fish. He goes downstairs in the middle of the night and pulls out The Bible from a shelf. It turns out to be an audio book narrated by Larry King. He listens: “Hi, I’m Larry King....In the beginning...” It still kills me, no pun intended.