Friday, February 19, 2021

February, 2021: The Weekend Mix




I realize I completely abandoned the "Trying Your Patience" series after some fanfare and only two entries. I thought I would kickstart Volume Three with a "Trying Your Patience" Weekend Mix, but that didn't work out the way I planned either. I'll get to it...soon.

Today's mix came together with some songs from that planned "Trying Your Patience" mix, as well as some other things I've been enjoying. Let's hope it sounds good altogether.


I am pretty sure this is the third or fourth time the Aardvark track has been shared. Still waiting for one person to love it as much as I do. 

I only just discovered this Sugar Pie DeSanto track this week. What a killer!

This Elvis Costello rarity can be found on the bonus disc of "Punch The Clock," even though it sounds like a working version of "The Loved Ones" from "Imperial Bedroom," which came before.

Picked up a bunch of 45s over the last two weeks, including the one and only release from The Common Cold, who is basically Bill Rinehart of both The Leaves & The Merry-Go-Round. That A-Side is here.

Also picked this up:


A good track that did nothing except to probably prompt Arif Mardin into saying, "Guys, just call yourself Hall & Oates, will ya?" (Okay, maybe Arif didn't say "Will ya.) This did not make the mix, though I do love the song and I think this single is cool. First time I saw the duo billed on record as Whole Oats.

"Teen Town" features Jaco Pastorius on bass AND drums. Bastard.

We open and close with the legendary U-Roy, who passed away yesterday. A reggae giant. The original toaster.  If you love reggae but do not know "Version Galore" and "Dread In A Babylon," what are you waiting for?

As per Spotify, their playlist differs ever-so slightly than the zip.

Natty Rebel- U-Roy
I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore- The Young Rascals
Teen Town- Weather Report
Go Go Power- Sugar Pie DeSanto
Maline- Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys
Very Nice Of You To Call- Aardvark
(Do I Still Figure) In Your Life- The Honeybus
Come Down- The Common Cold
Early Morning, Cold Taxi- Swag
Baby Pictures- Elvis Costello
I Want You Still- Dave Clark 5
Sub-Rosa Subway- Klaatu
Make A Scene- Van Duren
If You Wanna- Baby Jean
Gonna Find Me A Substitute- The Pretty Things
Chains Of Love- J.J. Barnes
Samba Vocalizado- Luciano Perrone
Scatterbrain- Jeff Beck
Baby Please Don't Go/Green Onions- Mary Flower
Stick Together- U-Roy



A Walk In The Woods said...

This might be too much goodness for one mix. Are we worthy?

That Hall & Oates 45 is way cool... I'd never heard they billed themselves that momentarily.

Daryl has some cool things to say about Arif here:

I tried to get fancy above, putting in HTML code to make the link go live.

If that doesn't work, of course just copy the URL below.....

A Walk In The Woods said...

OK cool, I can see that just adding before the URL, and after it (as one does in HTML) works - I'll do that goin' forward :)

Unknown said...

I always look forward to all your posts.
I find it very "educational"... incisive maybe better.
I have never been disappointed with your mixes...weekend and others.
Look forward to listening to this one.
Appreciate all the work you put into your blog.

on another note.... did they rip it off or was it a subconscious thing..;
the shadows---- little B versus violent femmes ---- blister in the sun.
also I read once that guns n roses were initially thought of as a ACDC copy band..
I didn't fully see it until i heard the track Landslide from flick of the switch,.,.

Take care,

A Walk In The Woods said...

Wow, how much does Van Duren sound like Big Star? Crazy!

cmealha said...

Lot's of great stuff in this one; Rascals, SAWG, Klaatu, Chains of Love.... My favorites are The Honeybus cut which I remembered from the Baroque comp you tuned us on to a while back and The Common Cold track which I had never heard before.

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks for the kind words. Maybe the Femmes were paying homage to The Shadows. I often wonder why some artists get away with it and some don't. Tom Petty's "Breakdown" is a direct rip of The Animals "Cheating" and no one cares.

Sal Nunziato said...

Van Duren is from Memphis, played with both Chris Bell and as Big Star's second guitarist right at the very end. The first Van Duren album, "Are You Serious" even has Jody Stephens on it.

dogbreath said...

Nice one for a wet weekend here & lovin' the Honeybus and Pretty Things tracks. Thanks for mixing it. Cheers!

A Walk In The Woods said...

Way cool about Van Duren. I have a great comp of Ardent Records and noticed "something in the water" in terms of "that Big Star sound."

I miss Alex Chilton.

Let's see if this fancy HTML link works this time

Rodger Stroup said...

I'm not sure I love Aardvark as much as you, Sal, but I dig "Very Nice of You to Call." I'm assuming this is the Simon Kirke Aardvark and not the Michigan Aardvark?
Great tune!

Sal Nunziato said...

Yes Rodger! If I am not mistaken both Simonm Kirke and Paul Kossoff were in Aardvark but bailed for Free before Aardbark began recording.

ken49 said...

Thanks much for doing the Spotify playlist. Have really enjoyed enjoyed the music and the ease.

Anonymous said...

That’s crazy how similar those two songs are. Seem more so than that Red Hot Chili Peppers/Petty issue from a few years back. Thanks for the share - and the knowledge.