Thursday, February 25, 2021

Your February Slim Harpo PSA


On March 26th, the great people of Sundazed Records will be reissuing a stone cold classic, Slim Harpo's 1966 release, "Baby Scratch My Back." As Mick Jagger once said, "What's the point of listening to us doing 'I'm A King Bee' when you can hear Slim Harpo do it?" And if memory serves, when asked what song he could listen to forever, Keith Richards replied, "Slim Harpo. 'Rainin' In My Heart.'" 

There is a special vibe to Harpo's brand of swamp blues that stands out from the usual fare. And I'd like to agree with both Mick and Keith, I could not only listen to "Rainin' In My Heart" everyday until I die, I prefer Harpo's versions of his songs over everyone else's, though the Stones' version of "Shake Your Hips" is pretty damn good.

This is the first ever reissue for this essential LP and Sundazed is doing it right, giving the mastering honors to the brilliant Kevin Gray over at RTI. You vinyl freaks know, that's a good thing! You're going to want this.

Pre-orders can be placed over here.





Anonymous said...

Big Slim fan here. Got it ordered.

Thanks for the heads-up!


Chris Collins said...

well now I know what I wanna hear immediately

Anonymous said...

When I made my first 'Favorite Songs' comp cassette in the 1980s, "Baby, Scratch My Back" was on it. That song is the definition of swamp. So slinky. My little boy now will occasionally say, in imitation of his dad imitating Slim, "I know you can do it, so baby get to it".
C in California

heartsofstone said...

Thanks for the heads up - just ordered.

heartsofstone said...

Thanks for the heads up. Just ordered it.