Monday, March 29, 2021

Band Geek's Ann Marie Nacchio Goes Solo on "Little Dangers"

A few weeks back, I fell into a Band Geek rabbit hole, dialing up video after video, mouth agape, listening in wonder as these amazing musicians effortlessly tackled songs from the Yes catalogue with the same passion given to their Hall & Oates and Billy Joel covers. It wasn't just the amazing music being made. It was the vicarious joy of seeing band mates creating, something The John Sally Ride have not been able to do in well over a year.

But I digress.

This is not about me.

It's about vocalist Ann Marie Nacchio who took the cake by nailing Jon Anderson's impossible vocals on "Close To The Edge,"---which you should watch here ---and then out Mickey Thomasing Mickey Thomas on Starship's "Jane," which you should watch here.

Now we have "Little Dangers," Nacchio's solo debut, released last Friday in very limited quantity on CD, as well as streaming everywhere. Nacchio wrote everything and plays almost everything, leaving drums, cellos, horns, and some fine guitar solos to her cast members.

It does not disappoint.



"Little Dangers" covers a lot of musical ground, but it is a consistent rock record at heart. It plays like your favorite commercial free hour on rock radio back when hearing Elton John, Blue Oyster Cult, Prince, Queen, Heart and Aretha, all without channel hopping was the norm. Though the wonderful New Orleans horn lines that close out "Idle Hand Blues" and the torchy finale "You Move Me" are the outliers.

Every song on "Little Dangers" could be a hit in a just musical world. 

~in my best Robert Plant~ "Does anyone remember a just musical world?!!

Ann Marie Nacchio has some amazing players helping out, including the multi-talented Richie Castellano, and as expected, Nacchio's vocals impress on every track. I am being careful not to make too many comparisons because I want you to listen to this record. If I mention how one song sounds like this band, and one sounds like that band, the possiblity of you not liking either comparison might put you off. 

(I was once told I looked like Rick Monday of the Cubs and a shorter version of Dave Cowens of the Celtics, and it still keeps me up at night.)

So, I'll say this.

"Little Dangers" is an anomaly in a current industry where songwriting, melody and record-making take a back seat to choreography, autotune and on many occasions, pornography. (Yes, that's right! Pornography, damnit!) The choruses on this record are giant meat hooks that will grab you and hold on. "Little Dangers" is a terrific reminder that there are still solid records being made with real musicians, while 9 producers and 11 co-writers, all twiddle knobs for one cold, heartless stab at a million YouTube hits. And sadly, it's working.

I'll get you started with some favorites, but then you should head on over to your favorite streaming service and listen to it all.

CD pre-orders are sold out, but orders are being taken now for a second run.  You can place an order by emailing

It's here, too, if you feel generous. 

I really wanted to like "Little Dangers" after gushing over the Band Geek videos.

So I am beyond thrilled that I love it.


heartsofstone said...

This looks great. Any idea where the CD can be found?

soundsource said...

looking forward to listening and then sharing with the unknowing
Thanks for the heads up

Troy said...

This sounds terrific. Thanks for sharing.

@heartsofstone - I looked into a physical copy, and she is taking orders (she sold out of the presale). Email her at and she will respond quickly with a Google form to place your order.

Sal Nunziato said...

Just updated the post with that info.
Thanks Troy.

heartsofstone said...

Thanks - just ordered.

Christine said...

This is wonderful. Her voice is so mellifluous. Listening (3 times) to "You Move Me", I'm reminded of "Melancholy Blues" and I so wish Freddie were still here to do a duet with this very talented lady! I will be purchasing the CD.

Unknown said...

Ann Marie has a rich history as an artist, her amazing work over the years with Band Geeks is just one aspect. It is wonderful to hear her developing her own album of original material. Highly recommended. Well done.