Friday, March 19, 2021

"Groovin' On A Friday Afternoon," aka "We Got The Beat": The Weekend Mix


This mix was built upon the opening track by Leon Parker. The song, "All My Life" can be found on Parker's 1994 debut, "Above & Below," a CD I wore out when it was released. It is filled with Parker's unique, yet rock solid style of jazz drumming. 

I was thinking about how often drummers who strictly keep time don't always get the same acclaim as those who try to out-Peart the next guy. Don't get me wrong, I love Neal Peart and Bill Bruford as much as I love Ringo Starr and Zigaboo Modeliste. But I think I like the time keepers and groove makers a lot more, with their subtle pushes and simple yet effective fills.

Less is more, right? Well, no. Not always. Sometimes more is more. Just not today.

Try to get into the groove.

All My Life- Leon Parker
Listen To Me- Baby Huey
More Hipper- Jon Cleary & The Absolute Monster Gentlemen
Looking For Clues- Robert Palmer
Poor Tom- Led Zeppelin
Little Miss Lover- Jimi Hendrix Experience
Right Now- The Creatures
Farmstead Antiques- Stanton Moore
Ape Is High- Mandrill
Fat Man- New Orleans Nightcrawlers
High Heel Sneakers- Chuck Mangione
Tomorrow Never Knows- Dianne Reeves



Kirke said...

Chuck Mangione and Led Zeppelin in the same playlist sounds awesome.

soundsource said...

less is more let's say 90% of the time and that is why in the 10% of more is more the more is more meaningful. Thank you to Douglas Childs a musical mentor of mine. And he was right.

Michael Giltz said...

Dig the photo!

Anonymous said...

Dang, you post that Reeves cover of TKN often, and dang if I can't ignore playing it every time even tho I downloaded it the first time I heard it via this very site. Such a burner, as is the live version you've posted by 801, which I also downloaded.
As always, thanks!
C in California

A Walk In The Woods said...

I've heard about Mandrill for years, know nothing about them. Lookin' forward to hearing!

dogbreath said...

Thanks for this. Being an inveterate foot-tapper I'm a fan of drummers keeping the beat for me to follow. Joke from a frustrated keyboardist friend: How many drummers does it take to change a light bulb? Six: One to screw the bulb in and five to argue how much better Neil Peart would have done it. Cheers!