Friday, March 26, 2021

Maybe I'm Malaised


In just a few months, the recently released McCartney "III" will already get made over, with today's artists reimagining Sir Paul's third solo album. The first single from McCartney "III Imagined" was Dominic Fike's take on "Kiss Of Venus." It was interesting enough, but if I had heard this as a Fike original, I probably wouldn't have paid it any mind.

Next up is Beck reworking "Find My Way." Both versions are here. 

"Find My Way" is a favorite from "III." Not just because it works as a pop tune, with enough hooks to snag a rainbow trout. But also because of all the subtle McCartney-isms, like those brilliant guitar flourishes after every verse. And that false ending! I am a sucker for a false ending.

Beck has sucked the life out of this tune, removing all of the appealing nuances and turning it into a mid-tempo drag, that was apparently "imagined" as a dance number. The type of dance has yet to be determined.

I really didn't have high hopes for McCartney "III Imagined," but I do love the original and thought maybe there would be a few keepers on this upcoming experiment. But if it's only going to be a collection of artists fucking up the original songs with beeps and squirts, and random acts of rap and electronica, I really don't see fans of Dua Lipa and Anderson.Paak dropping what they are doing and rushing to their local Two Guys for a copy.

But I am looking forward to hearing what St. Vincent has in store for "Women And Wives."


daudder said...

I liked the Beck version, but thought it sounded like a Gotta Give it up Pt1 mash up

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

Agree with you on the Beck remimagining. It’s too dry. And, yes, I too want to hear what St. Vincent offers us.

BTW...great pun in the post title.


Anonymous said...

Like Dauder, I guess I'm not getting it, either; the Beck version seemed fine to me. But I wasn't familiar with the song before this post, and like it, so I downloaded Paul's version cuz it is a catchy number! That means my last two downloads were Paulie tunes, since I liked 'There You Go, Eddie', too.
C in California

wardo said...

I liked M3 very much, more so than Egypt Station and New. My consolation with this re-imagined ploy is that he's not re-releasing the album with exclusive tunes that didn't make the cut in December. But there's time.

dogbreath said...

Freely admit I don't always get re-imaginings, preferring the first imagining I suppose. But I am borrowing the title of this post, well imagined, highly amusing and perfectly apt in the circs. Sir Macca's always had the knack of crafting a catchy pop song and there's so many hooks in this one that even Peter Pan might have second thoughts about venturing on deck. And I am a fan of all sorts of endings: the happy ending, the false ending and the sudd.........