Wednesday, March 24, 2021

World Party Vinyl Update


The always mysterious Karl Wallinger has offered some valuable information regarding the upcoming World Party reissues.

1. All the vinyl has indeed been remastered.

2. There will be no CDs, only vinyl.

3. "Goodbye Jumbo" has been delayed until November due to printing errors on the cover.

4. "Dumbing Up" will be a 2-LP with bonus tracks.

5. "Egyptology" will also be a 2-LP set with bonus tracks, but the reason it is the only title without a release date is that Wallinger has not yet decided on the bonus tracks.

6. "Bang" is due this Friday. No info on whether there are bonus tracks.

That's is all.


daudder said...

One of our modern masters.

hpunch said...

I wonder if the bonus tracks will be from that boxset a few years back

Bulletins From Mars Hill said...

So his already diminished fan base will be diminished even further, when those who don't have vinyl collections or anything to play them on will be excluded. I'm a big Karl fan, but this is seriously flawed thinking!

Sal Nunziato said...

@Bulletins From Mars Hill,

Here's how I see it--

The entire catalogue had already been remastered. Those CDs included bonus DVDs with extras.
Vinyl is selling more and more.
Bang and Egyptology have been impossible to get on vinyl and Dumbing Up has never apeared on vinyl.
The bonus tracks, as hpunch "wondered" correctly, will be taken from Arkaeology.
So, for vinyl lovers and collectors this is a big deal.

It doesn't sound as flawed to me.

kevin m said...

Maybe my optimism is flawed but I still think Mr Wallinger has new music that he will eventually release. Perhaps after this re-issue campaign.

Bulletins From Mars Hill said...

Fair enough Sal, when you put it like that I can see the sense in it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Speaking (on Monday) of song titles shared by more than one artist, howzabout 'Ship Of Fools' by World Party, The Doors, and Bob Seger. I love 'em all, so would have to excuse myself from weighing in as to which is best.
C in California