Sunday, April 4, 2021

Songs Of The Week, 2021: 3/27-4/2


This set is a little different than the usual SOTW mixes. 

I had mentioned a few times, I think, a small 45 collection I picked up, and over the last month I have been going through it all a little at a time. It may have been last Saturday, longer maybe, when I got to this particular batch. I loved how it all sounded as I was cleaning and playing and so I decided ahead of time, that night actually, that the Songs Of The Week, 3/27-4/2, would be this group of songs.

I hope you dig it as much as I did. Grab the zip. You just might enjoy what you're thinking you won't.



It Ain't My Fault Pt. 1- Smokey Johnson
I Don't Know What I'd (If You Ever Left Me)- Sweet Cream
17 Days- Prince
That Girl- Stevie Wonder
Tempted- Erykah Badu & James Poyser
Dig In- Lenny Kravitz
Justify My Love- Madonna




I dig this mix BIGLY! Right now the Erykah Badu / James Poyser is Top of the Pops -- did you mention this song a few months ago?

Good weekend for Burning Wood inspired music ... Friday the Producer Todd, today these gems, and yesterday I went back to The City. Man ...!

As always Sal ... thanks for all you do. And have a great weekend.

cmealha said...

Perfect S.O.T.D.!

A Walk In The Woods said...

Well, what kinda righteous fool wouldn't love a mix like this? Semi-randomized or no, looks great - thanks!

Chris Collins said...


dogbreath said...

Zip grabbed, opened and consumed. Much like the too many Easter eggs this weekend. Great opening tune. Cheers!

FD13NYC said...

45 version of Sweet Cream, cool!