Friday, April 9, 2021

World Private Party: The Weekend Mix



I found this while scrolling through an old external HD and thought you World Party fans might dig it.

It's an acoustic set from July 25th, 1997 recorded for WNNX radio. 

If you're not a World Party fan, I'll get ya next week.

It Is Time
Is It Like Today
Vanity Fair
Call Me Up
She's The One
Every Night
Put The Message In The Box



Unknown said...

Thanks Sal.

Bulletins From Mars Hill said...

Yes thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

I am a World Party fan...and thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What great sound quality.
And Karl is great as usual.
Many thanks.

dogbreath said...

What's not to like? Many thanks for this little gem & have a reasonably pleasant weekend..... Cheers!

George said...

Terrific, thanks Sal!

kevin m said...

Well since I don't have any vinyl, this makes up for me missing out on the reissues. Thank you Sal.

Ken D said...

I second kevin m's comment.

art58koen said...

Thank you for this, I was looking forward to listen to it, but the link has a problem.
I downloaded it a few time but only get a 21 KB
If you could check that would be great, thanks in advance.

Sal Nunziato said...

No issues here with the link. Anyone else having an issue?

art58koen said...

Weird, now it works fine, a proper 42 MB zipfile!

A Walk In The Woods said...

Nice!! I was there, sitting on the floor of the 99-X studios, 3 feet away from Karl when he did this "radio in-store" !!

And another really cool act or band did an in-studio on the same day and I got to see both - at this moment the name of the other band is eluding me. Maybe Juliana Hatfield? I was a music writer at that time and interviewed her in that time period, but I don't remember if she shared this 99-X in-studio with WP.

Super stoked that you shared this... I hadn't heard it since I was sitting there that day. And I was aware of World Party's coolness then - I had "Goodbye Jumbo" - but "Put The Message In The Box" was not yet in my Top 100 Songs forever at that point.