Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Tipitina's Record Club


Since the "comeback" of the long playing vinyl record, affectionately referred to by the youngsters as "vinyls," a number of record clubs have popped up. Each has its benefits, but the downside to most of them is the selection. For every record that may interest you, there are two that won't. 

That won't happen with Tipitina's Record Club, which is strictly about New Orleans music. Of course, if you don't give a flying crawfish about New Orleans, then this club is not for you. But, if you do, you should check out what they are doing over here.

The third record of the first Volume of records being released arrived this morning. It is the funky debut from Galactic, "Coolin' Off." This record has never been issued on vinyl before, so there's that. The packaging and pressing is stellar. So there's that! And there is an entire side of unreleased material, which hasn't ever turned up on previously released CDs. So there's that!

The Tip's Record Club is every other month, unlike other clubs which are monthly. This gives you time to listen and leaves you wanting more.

The first two releases of the club were a rare live performance from Professor Longhair and a classic live performance from the club itself, by the legendary Radiators. The next two summer releases will be a rare live set from James Booker and the long out of print, funk classic from Ernie K. Doe, featuring "Here Come The Girls." 

I find all of this very exciting. Maybe some of you will, too.


Troy said...

I got the shipping notification that my copy should arrive today. I am beyond excited for this!!

buzzbabyjesus said...

I'm glad someone's playing funk.

Keith35 said...

I just took a chance and joined the new Amazon vinyl club. The price for NY (with tax) is about $27 a month ($24 +tax). The first record I'm getting is London Calling. It goes for about $32 plus tax. I don't have it on vinyl and it's supposed to be a good pressing. So far, off to a good start. Of course I can cancel at any time

Jobe said...

Sal once again you are right. I too have noticed that the word has now become plural instead of singular

pmac said...

I was a little disappointed in the Longhair lp. Given the source material, the audio is fine, but imho, its one of those albums that never should have been issued. It was a house party, warts and all. The second release, The Radiators' live lp, is extremey good, and I'm eagerly awaiting my copy of Galactic's lp. Still, I'm glad I joined (and keeping my fingers crossed that the Booker lp is something worthwhile).