Monday, June 14, 2021

Fat Pop


I am having trouble connecting with Paul Weller's new one, "Fat Pop Volume One." I've given it my full attention for five complete spins and while I really like "Shades of Blue" and "Glad Times," as well as the overall sound of the album, the only thing that seems to be sticking is the hook of the title track, which is simply "Fat pop/fat pop/fat pop."

Some might suggest that my love for his last "On Sunset" was so deep that anything following it would pale by comparison. I guess that is possible. I loved the one-two punch of "22 Dreams" and "Wake Up The Nation," only to be disappointed in "Sonic Kicks." But I went back to "Sonic Kicks" because I loved "On Sunset" so much and now I dig it.

I'm not ready to call it a day with "Fat Pop," not yet. But I am curious what other long time Jam/Weller fans think, especially if you loved "On Sunset." Are you hearing "On Sunset" leftovers on "Fat Pop" like I am?


buzzbabyjesus said...

Mr. Weller really needs to trim the fat off that pop.

Bad joke aside I can't remember a thing about either song. All the parts sounded good, but they never went anywhere or added up to anything. The hook-like elements didn't grab me at all.
Typically I'll give a song 30 seconds to hold my interest or else, but this time I listened to both in their entirety, waiting for something to rise above the monotony.

There really wasn't anything Fat or Pop in either.
Too adult and grown up to be any fun? Tired professionalism?

Once through is plenty for me.

Strummer62 said...

I agree with buzzbabyjesus, Weller's post Jam work has been "worthy" pop , music that is well made and grown up but sadly lacking the immediacy of his early tunes. Sure there are standout tracks here and here but , unfortunately , that describes histoo much of his solo work , for me at least.

neal t said...

saw The Jam when they first toured usa. I grew up as a classic rocker. had already seen Elvis Costello & loved him so figured I'd enjoyed the Jam. I was not won over. Seemed like posers 2 me. Haven't seriously listened to any other of his stuff since but probably have amassed most his work as a continue to add to my approaching 1/2M # collection. someday I will give him a deep dive, I have done the recently with some classic rock acts that have amassed big catalogues & was surprised by a few.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of The Jam, the early Style Council, and several of PW's solo discs: Paul Weller, Wildwood, True Meanings, On Sunset, and, my favorite, More Wood (Little Splinters). Unfortunately, I've only seen him live once on the Heavy Soul tour; the show was as disappointing as that album.

Fat Pop doesn't reach close to PW's best. It is accurately named as ear candy; it sounds fine but isn't memorable.

- Paul in DK

Shriner said...

Fat Pop hasn't connected with me, either. It came and went on first listen.

Not all of PW's albums land (and I would venture to say that's true of a lot of legacy artists these days -- it can be hit or miss.) When they *do* land -- they can be awesome. When they don't, I figure he has another one coming out in 12-18 months anyway...

I'm wondering if the "3 CD" version will have some gems on the other 2 CDs?

Sal Nunziato said...

Bonus tracks are more of the same. Not bad, but so what. Didn't listen to the live disc.

dogbreath said...

Couldn't get enough of The Jam. Couldn't take to The Style Council. Took like a duck to water over PW's first four solo albums, especially Wild Wood and Stanley Road. Heavy Soul did the business for me too and I'm a tad shocked to discover that was some 23 years ago. Blimey! Since then I've found only a few glimpses of starlight from his later releases. Still to dip properly into this one, just hope it's not Pop Fat as insinuated above. Cheers!

kenthekid said...

I am suffering from Weller fatigue. 22 Dreams and Wake Up i played incessantly but one had 21 cuts and the other 16. I did enjoy some of On Sunset but haven't had the energy to tackle this one.