Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Covering Roy On The Wood




Another surprise from this past weekend's record show was finding the Nashville Teens covering Roy Wood's "Ella James" from The Move's "Message From the Country." I had no idea this record existed. 

It's a pretty faithful version and a great addition to the collection of Roy Wood tracks by other people, like The Casuals' brilliant "Caroline," Ayshea's "Farewell," and Acid Gallery's "Dance Around The Maypole," all of which I have posted here before.

Sadly, the only version of the Nashville Teens track on YouTube is of questionanble quality. See below.
So, I thought I'd lead with another "Message From The Country" cover, this one from Marshall Crenshaw.

If you know any other not-so-obvious-as-CheapTrick Roy Wood covers, please send'em along.


cmealha said...

Wow, hadn't heard either of these. Great additions to the collection of Roy Wood covers. Thanks.

cmealha said...

Oops, didn't realize "No Time" was a Jeff Lynne tune. So it;s a great addition to Move covers '-)

M_Sharp said...

I'd like to hear more Roy Wood or Move covers too. There are a lot of great songs there, but there aren't many covers. I've never heard these before.