Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Tattoo You: Lost & Found

I finally got around to the "Lost & Found" portion of the new "Tattoo You" reissue from the Rolling Stones. Man alive, this record plays better than most of the band's output of the last 30 years!

It helps that none of it is overproduced. It's simple rock and roll and rhythm and blues. The record leads off with a rocker "Living In The Heart Of Love" that features Keith dueling with Mick on lead vocals and it's an ass-kicker.

The Jimmy Reed cover "Shame Shame Shame" is exactly what "Blue & Lonesome" was not.
"Fast Talking, Slow Walking" is a country soul burner left over from "Goat's Head Soup" featuring Mick Taylor and Billy Preston that feels like a lost cousin of "Let It Loose."

And we finally get a decent sounding version of "Drift Away," that has been floating around in B+ quality for years.
I have yet to check out the new remaster of the album proper, and I have never been a fan of the '81 tour or that godawful Hal Ashby concert film, so the "Live Wembley" portion of the set will have to wait. But if you haven't already, you should listen to "Tattoo You Lost & Found: Rarities" toot sweet. 


Troy said...

Thanks for sharing that video link. You're right, that song is an ass-kicker. Will have to check out that disc with the bonus tracks. Tattoo You is about the last Stones album that I really loved. There has been a bit of good and a bit of bad since then, but TY was the last one I wanted to listen to from start to finish.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Sal. Great stuff. I can see why most of the songs didn't make the cut on albums up through Tattoo You, but why they didn't just release that Lost and Found disc instead of everything after Undercover is a mystery. The Stones vaults seem to be almost as perverse as Dylan's. Watch it turn out that there are amazing outtakes from Voodoo Lounge or Bridges to Babylon.

Bruce H

Peter Ames Carlin said...

The Wembley concert stuff sounds a LOT better than the gawdawful 'Still Life,' or the concert film, and includes an incredible cover of "Chantilly Lace" that is way more fun and interesting than the cover of "20 Flight Rock." Definitely worth a spin, in other words.


Oh good -- Thanks!

I get so cranky about The Stones specifically and reissues in general these days it is good to be reminded that there is merit in both.

Sal Nunziato said...

That "Chantilly Lace" is great! What a surprise.

dogbreath said...

Well, start me up! I've got the new Tattoo You sitting around still waiting to be played & your Living In the Heart of Love link has given me added impetus to get stuck in there. A great track. Cheers!

kevin m said...

I think the Stones have done a fairly good job with these recent reissues with the bonus/unreleased content. TY is no different with some killer "new" songs that would have fit in perfectly with TY upon its initial release. But back then, LPs could only fit about 10 songs so which of the original would have to go to include these?

Bruce H makes a very interesting point about why they didn't save most of this material for the follow up to TY instead of going down the road with Undercover and Dirty Work. As for how much is in the vault from the Voodoo and Babylon sessions, I don't think there is much as the stuffed so many mediocre songs on those CDs.

81 was the first time I saw the Stones in concert so that show will always be special to me. Think we paid about $15 to sit in lower level at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. Today, $15 wouldn't cover parking!

Sal Nunziato said...

"But back then, LPs could only fit about 10 songs so which of the original would have to go to include these?"

Well since you asked, I would trash "Little T&A," "Neighbors," "Heaven," & "No Use In Crying" and replace with "Living In The Heart...," "Trouble A Comin," "Shame Shame Shame" and "Fast Talking, Slow Walking..."

cmealha said...

I settled for the 2 LP version as I concur that the Lost & Found stuff constitutes a really good album. Didn't have much interest in the live stuff especially at that price point, although it does look like a nice box for those that do,

Anonymous said...

Hey "kevin m" -

I was in the upper deck way in the back of the Carrier Dome at the same show.

I was way too far back from the stage to really appreciate the show. I wish I'd been downstairs!

This was the show that convinced me to never go to a stadium show ever again unless I was close to the stage. Ever the Stones are a waste of time that far back. Now let me tell you about the time I was only 10 rows back for the X-pensive Winos, now that was a show!!!! Close proximity to the stage really makes a difference. I hope the show was magical for you.

Captain Al

pmac said...

Had no idea this had been released until I read it here. Thanks, Sal. And I echo everyone's comments about the superior quality of the never before issued songs.

M_Sharp said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm not much for outtakes, but the Lost & Found is excellent!

Chris Collins said...

They shoulda kept raiding those vaults. clearly

kevin m said...

Here's a recent interview with Keith with some insight on TY reissue and current tour. While watching it, I was struck by a few things:

-How lucid Keef is
-Not one cigarette or cocktail in sight
-No harsh words for Mick

Sal Nunziato said...

That was great, Kevin.
Thanks for the link.