Friday, October 15, 2021

"LZ's PG Redrawn": The Hard Sell Friday WEEKEND MIX



I rarely post straight releases as "Weekend Mixes" but I really enjoyed listening to this yesterday and I am hoping for the same for you.

Back in 2015, Mojo Magazine enlisted a roster of current pop, rock, folk and indie darlings to recreate Led Zeppelin's 2 LP monster "Physical Graffiti" for its 40th anniversary. I don't recall if Mojo included the CD with the magazine and the vinyl was a limited edition purchase, but I have had the vinyl set since then and I remembered almost nothing about the music, except I absolutely loved how The Temperance Movement rocked "Houses Of The Holy."

I decided to give the whole tribute a spin yesterday and when it was over, I loved a lot more than I didn't.

Now, I know Led Zeppelin can be hit or miss on these pages. The same can be said for any tribute record. Toss in the fact that not everyone loves this band and many that do, usually cite the earlier records as favorites. All of this makes for a pretty hard sell on a Friday. But if you're willing to give it a go, I think you will be rewarded, especially if you are unfamiliar with the original record.  For those who are familiar with the record and love it as I do, let me offer this: I was more impressed with those that didn't play it straight.

I won't say what I liked or didn't so everyone can go in fresh. I'll just say that only 5 of the 15 tracks left me cold, and in addition to the aformentioned "Houses Of The Holy" cover, 3 blew my mind.


Custard Pie- White Denim
The Rover- Blackberry Smoke
In My Time Of Dying- Miraculous Mule
Houses Of The Holy- The Temperance Movement
Trampled Underfoot- Son Little
Kashmir- Songhoy Blues
In The Light- Syd Arthur
Bron-Yr-Aur- Laura Marling
Down By The Seaside- Max Jury
Ten Years Gone- Michael Kiwanuka
Night Flight- Duke Garwood
The Wanton Song- Rose Windows
Boogie With Stu- Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
Black Country Woman- Hiss Golden Messenger
Sick Again- Sun Kil Moon



Anonymous said...

This looks really interesting - the Sun Kil Moon cover is the only one I've heard. I'm sure you've probably heard the two volumes of "The Song Retains The Name". Always loved those because they also didn't play them straight.

Nice way to start the weekend, thanks!


Anonymous said...

The set is well done overall, more consistent than a lot of multi-artist covers albums , though probably not as good as the Mojo set on Highway 61 Revisited, Ray Davies, or the Big Star.

You know I'm not an LZ fan, but of their albums, I've listened to Physical Graffiti more than the others except LZ and LZII. The first 3 songs are fine, but didn't do much for me, but these are the songs I liked the least on the LZ album, so no big surprise. I had higher hopes for the desert blues version of Kashmir, but it's lost the grandeur of the original. HOTH is good, and I enjoyed just about everything from In The Light onward with possibly Max Jury as my favorite.

- Paul in DK

kevin m said...

Michael Kiwanuka's version of 10 Years Gone is sublime.