Friday, January 21, 2022



Yesterday, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival announced the talent for this year's Jazz Fest.

Third time's the charm, right? After a number of COVID related cancellations, Jazz Fest is scheduled once again.

I have been booked since 2019 and I am more than ready for that New Orleans hospitality, not to mention that food, beverage and music fix. A lot can happen between now and April, but I've got to be hopeful that what does happen is all for the better.

I decided to put together a mix in honor of the announcement.

You'll see some classics, some rarities, a few cool "can only be a New Orleans cover" covers and some personal faves. Actually, the entirety of the mix is full of personal faves.

I hope this music puts some pep in your step.


Josephine- George Porter Jr., David Torkanowsky and Herman Ernst
Poor Tom- Robert Walter, James Singleton & Stanton Moore
Hadacol Bounce- Professor Longhair
Time For The Sun To Rise- Earl King
Big Bottom- New Orleans Nightcrawlers
Break In The Road- Betty Harris & The Meters
I'm Not Sayin'- James Booker
Eat Those Words- Eddie Lang
Mr. Sellack- Tin Men
Arabian Love Call- Art Neville
Willie The Weeper- Uncle Lionel
Lottie Mo '68- Lee Dorsey
Dog Hill- The Iguanas
Two Way Poc-A-Way - The Dixie Cups
Mickey Mouse Boarding House- Walter "Wolfman" Washington
Last Night On The Back Porch- James Andrews
Jealous Guy (Live Quarantine Happy Hour)- Jon Cleary & Nigel Hall
Hymn- Astral Project
I Walk In My Sleep- Berna-Dean
Don't Dream It's Over- Deacon John



kevin m said...

Very happy to see the return of Jazzfest and jealous that you're going Sal. We can't afford it as we planned on a trip to Scotland in June (Covid willing) to see one of my favorite bands - The Wonder Stuff in Glasgow.

Surprised that The Who is playing. I hadn't heard any plans that they were doing dates in 2022.

Anonymous said...

Hope the 'Fest works out for you.

Thanks for the mix - great way to start the weekend!


A Walk In The Woods said...

Looks like a great mix!

It was great to see the lineup and I would love to go, but our older son is about to go to college this Fall and we're trying for one big international trip before that - to Italy if we can.

So I'll have to enjoy JF from afar this year. I attended the "most recent one" - in 2019, sheesh! - and hope to return in 2023.

paulinca said...

Thanks for those pics, Sal. Waking up to the news of Meatloaf has started my day off poorly...



Just what we need for a cold Friday morning!

Travel safe!

buzzbabyjesus said...

And Mardi Gras is just around the corner.
No place like the northernmost city of South America.
Mix looks excellent. Thanks!

drstu said...

Fantastic mix as expected fellow NOLA lover; I would have probably thrown in a Johnny Adams but im nuts about him as I know you are. I sadly will not be going this year. just not able to get down there this spring, but im hoping for YOU, my friend you can get down there to music paradise, with out any further postponements or cancellations!! Havent spoken in a while but will catch up with you one of these days SOON;Always think of you when the line up is released!

Michael Giltz said...

Some day: JazzFest in New Orleans!!! It will happen for me.

pmac said...

Fantastic mix, Sal. Many thanks. At first read, I was somewhat disappointed by the big name acts, but I changed my mind due to two overriding issues; first, a lot of baby boomer acts are not (and some may never again) touring presently, and secondly I think this year people are more interested in just getting out to the fairgrounds and seeing other familiar faces in the crowd. At some pint, the fest is going to have to start booking younger big named acts, and put itself in direct competition with the more youth oriented fests, but that's a problem for another year.

Sal Nunziato said...


From the very first time I set foot on the Fairgrounds almost 25 years ago, there has been a debate over big name acts. Just yesterday, a friend said, "You must be thrilled getting to see The Who (or whoever) at Jazz Fest." For almost 25 years, my answer has always been "not really." I know it's different for everyone, especially the locals who have what could be the only opportunity to see these BNA all in one weekend. But whenever the talent announcement is made, I don't start getting excited until about halfway down the page.

Another friend here in NYC does advertising and he pretty much has all access to any concert venue for any artist he'd like to see. Then, when he is at Fest, he spends all his time hearing those same bands. That doesn't work for me. If I am travelling to New Orleans, I want to see all of the acts that rarely or never come to NYC.

Pine Leaf Boys
Astral Project
Germaine Bazzle
CC Adcock
Aurora Nealand
Steve Riley
John Boutte
Dr. Michael White
Gregg Stafford
Davell Crawford
And just about anyone in the Gospel Tent

I understand the need for BNA, but it is also a bit of a sore spot for me. I remember one year when the brilliant Bingo, Clint Maedgen's genius act got bumped so that The Decemberists could play the Fais-Do-Do stage. That one still hurts.

oldkdawg said...
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pmac said...

@Sal - I'm all on board with the BNA's being a necessary evil You don't get the huge crowds without them, but the magic of JF is at the stages with the NO musicians, especially when they do tribute performances. Not certain if he's on the schedule this year, but if he is, go listen to Alexey Marti, a Cuban born percussionist who now lives in NO. Guy puts together an incredible band and his performances are amazing. Also, the pianist who is now in John Boutte's band, Oscar Rossignoli, is quite literally the second coming of McCoy Tyner. RIP NO Bingo Show. A good friend of mine was in that band, and he went on to start another great band, The Asylum Chorus, which never got far because it was too expensive for NO musician pay for bands (10 piece band with 7 singers - they have a few eps on streaming services).

Anonymous said...

Looks great, but is coming up failed over and over ??

Sal Nunziato said...

I've checked the file twice on my end and there is no issue. "Fail" sounds like you are losing the connection. All is well on this end.

Sal Nunziato said...

I've seen Alexey perform at LMF. Amazing indeed.

Eric S. said...

great set, Sal--thank you

Ken D said...

A late thank you for this set. It's as close as I'll get to JazzFest.