Thursday, September 29, 2022

He's A Soul Man



The new official video for "Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)," the first song from Bruce Springsteen's upcoming album of soul covers, premieres this morning on his YouTube channel and soon after, everywhere else.

As one friend pointed out, seems odd to release a non-essential, covers album in a time of great serious threat to democracy, but he's entitled. I just released a new video on my Instagram page of a new song called "Please, Please Go Fuck Yourself, Ted Cruz, You Slimy Fucking Piece Of Shit, (Baby)." So at least there's that. Maybe The Boss is thinking it wouldn't be the worst idea to release a full on blast of rock and soul to lift our spirits. 

Stay tuned...


Only The Strong Survive Tracklist:

1. Only the Strong Survive
2. Soul Days feat. Sam Moore
3. Nightshift
4. Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)
5. The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore
6. Turn Back the Hands of Time
7. When She Was My Girl
8. Hey, Western Union Man
9. I Wish It Would Rain
10. Don’t Play That Song
11. Any Other Way
12. I Forgot to Be Your Lover feat. Sam Moore
13. 7 Rooms of Gloom
14. What Becomes of the Brokenhearted
15. Someday We’ll Be Together


kevin m said...

This cover is great!

Sal Nunziato said...

Indeed it is!

cmealha said...

That was better than coffee! Didn't know about this but boy does this cut make me want to get to the rest of it. Whew!

Troy said...

Well, hot damn. I'm awake now. I like that a lot!

Bill M. said...

I LOVE the song title you used in this post (the Ted Cruz one). It made me laugh out loud. I'm tempted to go to work on some lyrics for it.

Tumblingdice70 said...

A few thoughts:
1) Bruce is 73, he can do whatever he wants. Anything new is awesome.
2) Good energy, jaunty, he sounds great, fun video. I'm sure it will be a fantastic album,
and I'll love it.
3) Why is the band in the dark in the video?
4) Not to be Debbie Downer, but why in the name of all that is holy would you record a soul
covers album (probably two) and not use the E Street Band? The producer did all the
instruments? I know it was recorded during COVID, but still.
5) The video has about 42 people on stage and an audience tightly packed together, so with
an upcoming tour, even harder to understand the E Street Band exclusion. Wouldn't you
want them to be seen as ready to go for a big tour?

"I'm just a caveman, maybe my primitive mind can't grasp your modern concepts."


Sal Nunziato said...

Bryan (Tumblingdice70)
1. I agree.
2. To be honest, this is the type of record I've been wanting from him for years. I'd have gladly accepted an "important" piece of work, but I see a great, hevaily rotated covers album just as "essential," especially to my mental and emotional state. So, bring it on! (I love every one of the songs he's covering, though I am not familiar with "Soul Days."

3. 4. 5.
The pre-order information on his official site states contributions from the E Street Band, so it's probably not all Bruce and Agniello, but you're right. It should ne all e Street. Though maybe he heard something else in these arrangements. We shall see.

thanksloads said...

Sal saw your little ditty last night. It was fucking awesome.

Sal Nunziato said...

Thanks loads, thanksloads.

Chris S. said...

I liked this way more than I expected. It’s fun and we damn sure need a little of that in our lives.

hpunch said...

What's this "little ditty" thanksloads is referring to?

Mr. Baez said...

I've been away from my computer and all forms of social media for the past three weeks and that was just the punch of jubilation that I needed for my reality reentry. Can't wait to hear the entire album. Thank you Bruce and thank you Sal.

Michael Giltz said...

Contrary opinion: just like the Seeger Sessions (which I loved and wish he'd do another), I would imagine covering some soul classics would call for a different lineup than just the E Streeters. And just like the Seeger Sessions, some E Streeters would have a role to play depending on the tune. Makes sense to me he'd step outside the band for this project, which def falls under the "do whatever the hell you want, Bruce!" category.

Jim G said...

Really like it. The band, whoever it is, sounds good, and his singing is passionate and precise, without the Okie affectation that's been ruining his vocals for a while now. Like the song choice too. Looking forward to this one.

Allan Rosenberg said...

It's a really good piece of pop music but to my ears it doesn't have much soul.

Captain Al

me n the reeds said...

Frank Wilsons 45 of this song can fetch $10,000 very rare.

Christine said...

Well, that was great fun to listen to! Looking forward to the rest.