Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Melon Head and Jockstrap

I've said this before, but I spend a fair amount of time channel surfing YouTube. The algorithm knows me pretty well by now and is always offering helpful suggestions.

When I was researching Elliott Smith way back when it found Anthony Fantano, aka Melon, the "internet's busiest music nerd". His ranking and description of Elliot's albums were super helpful, and I've been a subscriber ever since. We don't always agree, but I admire his work ethic, and how deep he goes in his reviews. He's turned me onto a lot of music I probably wouldn't know otherwise, including Alex Cameron, for instance.

Most recently Jockstrap, a duo, consisting of Georgia Ellery-vocals, and violin, and Taylor Skye-production, synthesizers, keyboards, drum machines, and programming, met in London's Guildhall School of Music And Drama in 2016. Possibly the worst band name ever, with their first full album, "I Love You Jennifer B", released on September 9th having the worst album art, if you can even call it that, I can remember.

In spite of that, Anthony's review piqued my interest, and I immediately found the video for "Concrete Over Water".

I searched bandcamp, where I buy most of my music these days, and bought both "Jennifer B" and the previous EP, "Wicked City", which I've been playing ever since.

The weird, fragmented, often spare beauty they conjure reminds me favorably of The Beach Boys "SMiLE". At first, I liked the songs, but didn't know what to make of the quirks strewn throughout, but now can't imagine hearing it without them.

From "Wicked City"

OK one more from "Jennifer B":

I look forward to hearing where they they go next.

What do you think?



Michael Giltz said...

I agree -- Jockstrap may be the worst band name ever!

hpunch said...

I've seen the name around but was certain they would be some frat rock nitwits. They are nothing like I expected. I quite liked Glasgow. Thanks for sharing this.

Honest Ed said...

Georgia Ellery is also a member if the much touted (in the UK) band Black Country, New Road.

My two kids actually went to see them in Edinburgh last week. One was just a few weeks too young to get into the bar they were playing the next night in errr... Glasgow.

I think there might be laws against parents having opinions on the bands their kids like...