Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Molotov Cocktail Lounge

I saw this a few hours ago for the first time. Holy shit!

While I know nothing about Steel Beans, I'm also sure nothing I see today will kick my ass harder.

Sal gave me the keys to Burning Wood for the next few days, so I'll do my my best to fail at filling his big shoes.

-Buzz Baby Jesus


Anonymous said...

Thanks BBJ--needed that!

hpunch said...

He mastered playing all that instrumentation at the same time. But didn't get the memo about buttoning his shirt.

Jobe said...

hpunch..he's using his belly as his kick drum. ABSOLUTLEY GREAT

M_Sharp said...

I saw that yesterday, it's great! I found a few videos on YouTube for Steel Beans, it looks like they're a good psyche band.

M_Sharp said...

I just found this, it's a live show, almost an hour long. Skip the first 25 minutes or so.
"Jeremy of Steel Beans One Man Show @ Salty Sea Days (Everett WA) 2022-07-23"