Monday, September 18, 2023

Sound Familiar?

 I've heard this at least one time too many. 

Remember "A Bigger Bang"? Unfortunately I do too. 

I sincerely hope that "Hackney Diamonds", in spite of the kinda lame title and not great album cover, is better than "Some Girls", which at my house only has four good songs.

"Angry" is better than the other half I really don't like, so there's hope.

Fingers crossed.



Anonymous said...

Which four btw?
/just seriously curious

Sal Nunziato said...

Looking at that "Some Girls" track list, with the exception of two pretty lousy tunes, I kinda love all of it.

Anonymous said...

Somebody leaked out a couple more songs last week. Fidelity isn't so high. That makes 3 of 12 but supposedly they recorded two dozen. All the songs released so far are credited to Jagger-Richard-Watt.

The video for "Angry" may be typical music video fodder but it helps the song and brings back some glorious memories.

If you don't already have it, here's the link to the 2 leaked songs. hope it works for you:


buzzbabyjesus said...

Re: "Some Girls"
I like without reservation:
Miss You
Before They Make Me Run

2nd tier
Beast Of Burden

Bonus track

daudder said...

I don't think it's an ussie with the Stones, specifically; just "rock & roll" generally. It's just not that relevant anymore.

Other than for rabid fans, has any band/musician from the 60's/70's/80's made record that tops their hey day?

Anonymous said...

Re: Some Girls:

"Lies" sucks and is worthless. Didn't warm to "Just My Imagination" much either, especially the long dragged out version they did live. (Run away, run away, run away, run away, run, run, run, run, run ad infintum). But I wouldn't cut it. Lots of people have problems with "Far Away Eyes". I don't. "Some Girls" doesn't bother me a bit either. Christ, they named the album after it. Both have a sense of humor. Much of the album does. I'd leave the track listing alone except I would replace "Lies" with "We Had It All." At times I think the album is overrated. But then I remember the lousy turd that followed it.

Those bonus tracks all seem to be lacking the secret ingredient. They're not terrible, some of them cook in parts. "So Young," for example, has excellent gutar work and Ian Stewart's on fire but its just a little too basic. I'd love to see 'em do it live though.

Didn't care for the show I saw on the Some Girls tour that much. Sloppy Stones. But at least we threw shoes at them and then everybody started doing it. It was a fun day. Vicky Vinyl was there with her whole crew. I wonder who was minding the store?


Allan Rosenberg said...

I think the two new tracks sound great, even in bootleg quality!

What do I know, I think "Some Girls" is a classic and "A Bigger Bang" is damn good!

Evil Captain Al

buzzbabyjesus said...

"Far Away Eyes" is the only one I really hate.

Sal Nunziato said...

You once explained to me why you hate it. I love that track. One of my faves on the record, from a record-making POV. There are worse things.

Allan Rosenberg said...

"Far Away Eyes" is a great track, it just doesn't belong on "Some Girls".

Captain Al

Sal Nunziato said...

"Far Away Eyes" belongs on this record just like "Miss You" and "Shattered" and the sloppy Temptations cover. "Some Girls" is cohesive, even if it doesn't fulfill anyone's "Let It Bleed" needs. 1978. It's more punk than some punk. It's probably the last Stones album that made sense.

buzzbabyjesus said...

"It's probably the last Stones album that made sense."

I like "Some Girls" for that very reason.

Re: "Far Away Eyes"

I love "Dead Flowers", "Dear Doctor", "Country Honk", "Sweet Virginia", and all their folk based songs up until "Far Away Eyes". That one just doesn't ring true for me.

I'm watching the promo on YouTube right now, and the problem is Mick, not the music. I don't buy a word he says. The band pulls it off just fine, but Mick's vocal is a dumb parody of country music. The chorus is okay. It's the verses that drive me crazy.

Sal Nunziato said...

"and the problem is Mick, not the music. I don't buy a word he says. The band pulls it off just fine, but Mick's vocal is a dumb parody of country music."

I can't argue with you. I love the sound,the harmonies.
But let's be real. Mick is a legend. Live, there isn't any one who can hold a candle to him.
On Stones' records since 1980, he's always been the saboteur.

Anonymous said...


You mentioned that you thought "Some Girls" had two lousy songs. Just out of curiosity, what would those be?


P.S. What did you think of the leaked songs?

Sal Nunziato said...

I don't like "Some Girls" or "Lies. I think they are both incredibly weak.

I haven't listened to the leaked tracks. I think I'm going to wait for the album and give it an old fashioned hard copy spin.

Christine said...

I liked "Some Girls". It was okay. Does anyone remember that AWFUL performance of "Shattered" on Saturday Night Live? Mick's voice was terrible. BUT-he is a fantastic performer live - the moves on that guy!

Sal Nunziato said...

"Shattered" has always been horrible live.

kevin m said...

Some Girls came out when I was 15 and was the first Stones album I purchased (a cousin gave me her worn copy of Hot Rocks earlier). I loved it when I bought it and still love it 45 (fuck me) years later

Anonymous said...

I hear they’re doing a sequel to Claudine with the spider sabitcj choir, including Andy Williams grandsons call me twisted call me funny I’m never the money eric, Eric, Denmark, Denmark. I remember the day that the accident happened to his pretty rock in anyway

And angry with the purposely elusive videos of them as young men I think it’s a nice touch, but it kicks in and Ronnie and Keith going to the guitar play even though Steve Jordan has the subtlety of a bar mitzvah drum machine

big bad wolf said...

Far Away Eyes is an awful song, and it is all Mick's fault. The vocal is just dumb and obvious and not at all funny. It screams: i think you are all stupid enough to like this. His disdain for everyone makes that the worst song on the record, a tough thing to do considering how dumb some girls the song is.

I was disappointed with some girls in 78. didn't hate it---some girls and far away eyes excepted---but the mix was unflattering. they did not need to sound punkish. they needed to sound like the stones, a sound much better than punkish

big bad wolf said...


love the comment that mick has been the saboteur.

so true.

i adored him when i was young.

i have loathed him for much of my adult life for fucking with us.

and he is amazing live

Anonymous said...

Yep, Sal, I agree with you. Shattered sucks live. Always has. That crappy live arrangement pissed me off the first time I heard it. On that 1978 tour they played the lion's share of the "Some Girls" album. Except for two songs. I couldn't figure out why they didn't do "Before They Make Me Run." That was a very popular song on FM and a bona fide goodie. But they didn't do it, or, "Some Girls," which would have been a hoot in concert. It took them twenty years to finally do the album's namesake and by that time the line was changed to "white girls just wanna get fucked all night." Well, yeah, on occasion.


Anonymous said...

I saw both shows at Anaheim Stadium in 1978. Tickets were an astronomical $12.50. I wished they would have played a smaller venue like they did in some cities. But they sold out the Big A in less than 24 hours. Later they announced a second stadium show and the same thing happened. The first show was pretty dreadful. The second show was a notch up. I’d seen all the tours since I was in a training bra. And this was my least favorite (still is). At the first 1978 Anaheim show I bet Sandy 100 bucks I could get backstage. She mocked me and took me up on it. I was getting high with one of the private security dudes trying to ply him with a honey oil dabbed joint of Maui. We both had gone to the same high school. The guy told me the Stones hadn't arrived yet. I didn't believe him and let him know. The Stones were supposed to go on at 4:30 and it was past 4:00. They had to be there. He assured me they weren't. After more pestering, the guy said “OK, you don't believe me, let me prove it to you.” He took me to the Stones' backstage / dressing room area. He wasn't lying. None of them were there. Just some worker bees. But I just won the bet! The Stones were late and didn’t go on till around 6:00.

While backstage, some lady immediately came up to me and embraced me like I was her long-lost friend. She had a southern accent. After she exclaimed how delighted she was to see me, she asked me if I brought the acid. I told her that she must have mistaken me for someone else. I don't fry at Stones concerts. She was embarrassed and apologized. She had dirty blonde hair, was wearing a quasi-tie-dyed shirt and shorts. She had a backstage pass pasted on her T-shirt. I asked her, whoever the fuck she was, if she could get me one. She didn’t say yes or no. Instead, she asked me if I partied. I'm at a Stones concert drinking a 151 and coke. My eyes are all cannabinoided out. I’m holding 5 grams of honey oil a half-ounce of Maui and a tin of Dutch pep pills, wearing cut-offs and a bikini top and she asks me if I party? Without waiting for me to answer, she reached into her purse and pulled out the biggest vial of coke I'd ever seen. It must have held at least an ounce. It was about 4 inches tall and an inch around. Long story short, the security guy I went to high school with joined us for a few generous rails. Before I went back to the general population some press people arrived. Then Steve McQueen, who seemed to know this lady, joined us. I was blown away but just kept my cool like it was no big deal. He asked me who I was. I gave him my name and then asked who he was. He cracked up. We did some blow with him and talked with anticipation about the concert. Eventually, Bill Wyman came in. He was alone. The rest of the Stones were late. Before I could talk to him, some mean looking bodyguard-bouncer guy asked if I had a pass. My security friend said “She’s cool, man.” The guy proceeded to show us both the door.

The first show was pretty bad but I was 100 dollars richer and I got to “party” with Steve McQueen. The second show the next day was better, Bobby Keys and Nicky Hopkins guested. That’s the day we heaved a canvas sandal and nailed Ronnie. Everybody started throwing shoes. It was crazy.

About six months later, I found out who the acid-coke lady was. Sandy had to drag me kicking and screaming to that “Superman” movie. It was all the rage, which made me want to avoid it. Anyway, the lady who thought I was bringing acid was Lex Luther’s partner.


Chris Collins said...

I'm honestly really liking both of these new songs, even if I agree with Sal's comment about Mick post 1980. Holds a bit true on these tracks as well. But I like them anyway.